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Monday, November 14, 2005

No Brainer

  • Liberal Peer Backs 90 days

  • A liberal peer back s the 90 days detention proposals. He is aware of 3 cases where it would have helped. So where are they now these 3 x how ever many potential terrorists that were arrested and released for insufficient evidence? So MUCH talk of how this legislation could be inappropriately used and the main thrust of my argument over on a Tangled Web is neatly spelled out by a liberal peer. I guess my revolution will have to go on hold after all. Least till i figure the Tories out...i blame Bush.

    (Both Rottweiler Puppy and House of Dumb have said all there is to say on this - click on links on blogroll)

    (ps Tories - my mum has decided she no longer voting Tory! You are stuffed! Waffling on about whether you prefer blondes or brunettes, pushing Cameron, voting against terror proposals...its Carry on Conservatives!)


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