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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Its the Muslims who are scared, people. Not commuting Londoners.

Tuesday sees the ceremony of remembrance take place at St Pauls for the July 7 victims. At least i thought so. Are we quite sure about that? It seems we are falling over ourselves to demonstrate that it is for muslims..the REAL victims here.

"The ceremony, while Christian, is intended to be “inclusive” and makes numerous references to ethnic and religious reconciliation. Zaki Badawi, chairman of the Imams and Mosques Council of the United Kingdom, will make the pledge on behalf of Britain’s Muslims. He said: “These gestures are helpful. Sadly, Muslims are still a frightened community and this act of remembrance gives them reassurance.” The congregation will include some of the 700 injured by the bombs and relatives of some of the 52 dead, who included three Muslims"...

  • Faiths to Unite
  • So not all the families are attending then.

    Oh and in the same paper AA Gill calls us all angry (new book out: The Angry Island). I mean what on earth for? The above didnt set me off at all! Well, he hates being English and thought he would share it with everyone and cash in. Zzzzzz. More tedious scorn ~ , weve heard it all before, Gill. It's perhaps you that needs to 'get over it' and move on to...restaurants new?


    At Sunday, 30 October, 2005, Blogger Dumb Brit said...

    " Sadly, Muslims are still a frightened community and this act of remembrance gives them reassurance."

    Awww, diddums.

    Also, if AA Gill doesn't like being English, there's a very simple answer, bugger off. I'm sure Iran or similar would like him. Or maybe he'd be happier in China, that lovely land of freedom and liberty. Oh, hang on -

    At Sunday, 30 October, 2005, Blogger DV said...

    Hi Alison!

    Shame that the multicultural moonbats hijacked the service of Remembrance - maybe Al Zarqawi will sent a greeting or two.

    As for Gill, yeah I saw it also and then saw red. I'm fed up with people attacking the English. I have huge respect for my English friends and I loath the invective hurled their way by bloated loathsome reptiles like Mr Gill.

    At Monday, 31 October, 2005, Blogger MCB Watch said...

    I was a little galled that the MCB were involved in the service of remembrance.

    At Tuesday, 01 November, 2005, Blogger "Alice" said...

    The hate America by certain Americans has been very much alive for quite awhile. I guess that Gill is just trying to spread the "good will" (sarcasm off) over here in England. What amazes me is that the very people who denounce our countries wouldn't make it one day in the countries that they have such a high esteem for.

    At Tuesday, 01 November, 2005, Blogger Alison said...

    Gill is simply jumping on the same old bandwagon weve been wheeling out for decades. Weve had our fair share of Brit bashing over the decades. Roman empire 'amazing', British empire 'bad'. etc etc - along with the usual handwringing - and our own fascinating ability to pour scorn over ourselves - cue Gill who should stick to rubbishing restaurants as usual. I am fed up with all of it. Whether it is directed at the US or us and from within. I often think the same as you - bugger off and be someone else/live somewhere else if you hate it/us so much.


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