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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Random photos

View from our toilet window! Victorian chimneys, windows...and the magnificent St Pauls.

Clerkenwell Green London. Rallying point for trade union marches from the 18C eg back when they were actually needed

The new Paternoster Square London. Flattened around about this time of year during the Blitz.

Lookin' good :)

A Roman Bridge near Derby - must remember to file a claim for compensation. Nasty imperialistic Roman Empire imposing their culture on us and as for the taxes. How very bloody dare they!

Smithfields London. Where Braveheart met his end along with anyone else who was a right royal or religious pain in the backside ;) Currently a meat market (and has been since its hanging and burning days)

An English Oak. One of 9 that had their tops' beheaded' by Henry VIII as a permanent reminder of the execution of Anne Boleyn.