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Monday, October 10, 2005

The New Tribalism

On a question of multi culturalism (again). The bible of multi culturalism preaches that all cultures are created equal, all cultures are equally wonderful. Not one element within any culture excepting our own can be challenged in a modern liberal democracy. Apparently, other cultures, teach us what we have failed all along to understand. We, it would seem, are not worthy and must embrace these cultures and welcome them like the second coming. All elements of every culture, good or bad, only enhance our own existence. And there are certain thugs, thought police, who accuse anyone challenging this of being 'racist'. To ask others to join in without forgoing their roots and cultures but embracing ours is modern day heresy.

Multi cultural is just another word for ghettoisation.

People are moving into self segregating ‘communities’ with people like themselves and building visible barriers to keep strangers and surroundings out by choice. Prepared as some cultures are to freely take advantage of the prosperity and technology of globalised economies and democracies, they utterly reject the cultures that embody these. With the thought police aka liberals at full steam, we seem incapable and confused. Certain cultures are taking advantage of modernity, affluence and ‘freedoms’ to practise do it yourself tribalism. A sort of mini world within a world ~ with all its factuous elements, deep rooted racism, often brutal chauvinism and utter contempt.