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Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Dose of Cocaine & Hypocrisy

Robbie Williams has come to Kate Moss's defence and lambasted the media for their utter hypocrisy in publishing the cocaine 'scandal' ~ and has done so very publicly. The ex cocaine user suggested the story could result in her suicide.

  • Moss's use of cocaine is her own business, Williams says

  • Don't care too much about what he says or sings about much of the time but i thought the following comment was a well deserved swipe at the media:

    “I have personally taken cocaine with the people who are now writing these stories.”

    Well said. The majority of journalists, media types, fashionistas, clubbers et al take the drug at some point or other so why is Moss the anti Christ.

    It's up to the individual idiot whether or not they want to take drugs. Continue telling people the risks and educate, sure. But expect that people will always do what they want anyway when it comes to finding some way of getting high, be that a skinful of 12% or lines of class A. Drugs are widely available. The risks are well publicised. The idea of a drug 'pusher' of any narcotic these days is a silly myth. Non famous drug victims are apparently incapable of any responsibility for their actions. 'Lurking' dealers dont hang about on street corners plying their trade, whatever the drug.

    Anti drug campaigners suggest that Moss and Williams are role models and should know better being in the public eye. But she wasnt in the public eye when she decided to 'indulge'. And well then the media should also know better given it is in the public voice. After all if you don't sensationalise or even publish the story then who's the wiser. You only make it cooler to teenagers by the power of association - so how about you just dont?

    There are still far more deaths from alcohol than there are from cocaine. Alcohol is a hard drug. Freely advertised and glamourised to teenagers every day. Which brings me onto the other hypocrisy ~ apparently George Best is simply an old fool who enjoyed life as a lad to the extreme with far too much poisonous alcohol (and the rest) rotting his liver. Sort of half acceptable for lads then to play around like well...lads but Moss.. a woman!.. a mother!

    The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, Jonny Cash, Elvis and Williams managed for the most part to survive demonisation in spite of coke and amphetamines being less about fun and more about a way of life for them.

    The only true media interest in this story was in pulling Moss down from the lofty heights she had reached from the back end of nowhere and kicking 'her' to pieces. Something our 'outraged' media excel at.