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Friday, October 07, 2005

Love My City

I ADORE my city. Even if i cant rescue it from multi-culti rubbish and, more often than not, find myself surrounded by liberal nutters, im proud of London and i remain determined not to leave it to them. Ive spent a few weekends re discovering what an amazing place it is, not that i needed reminding. Like when we went to the Tate - we saw some sh!te works of modern art quite frankly but it keeps the liberal media set happy and 'contained' for the weekend.. The american 'foot'ball buried in goo made me laugh out loud (for which Alex 'got cross'). The Thames tide was out so we dropped down onto the 'beach' and discovered half a georgian beer mug, an Elizabethan bottle top, 16 x 17th century clay pipes which i assume people used to smoke like cigarettes as the beach was littered with them (perhaps waiting for a boat in the pissing rain!) , bits of china from all centuries i presume - some with writing on them and a very pretty mottled blue, a roman roof tile and charred sheep jaw bone which according to our walking guide (some weeks later) was probably chucked in from the meat market at Smithfields many hundreds of years ago ORRR..could have been from the great fire in 1666. Plus the odd Volvic top and an upside down office swivel chair (which we didnt take home but would be a find for somone hundreds of years from now). Anyway all the history in the world and more.

I also stumbled across these images of London which remind you of how great a city it truly is and how it has recovered from much much worse. Too many forgotten and unsung heroes. None of whom i expect benefited or needed investigations, enquiries and compensation.

The Blitz started in Autumn 1940.

Civilian deaths in London during the Blitz - 32,000
Civilians seriously injured during the Blitz - 87, 000
Homes destroyed - 3.5 million

Put these figures up against the civilian casualties in Iraq and there's not much in it. Democracy and freedoms don't get handed to you on a plate.

I was quite proud to have walked up the Mall with Alex and hundreds of thousands of people on the Say Thankyou (to the veterans) day just after July 7. I was struck by the lack of ethnic 'minorities' who came along eager to say thanks for the freedoms they now enjoy. Apart from Alex that is - and the Indian regiments who looked proud - and very dashing in their military garb and turbans.

I havent taken into account the IRAs attempts to blow us to smithereens. They only stopped i guess when terrorism suddenly became abhorrent to the USA (who ceased funding them on 11/9). Im in no way anti US, very much the opposite. Sometimes the truth sucks.

Pretty haphazard ramble over!