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Monday, August 08, 2005

On the run...

"Today's papers bring the happy news that professional islamofascist Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed - who is on record as supporting hostage-taking in British schools - has decided to take the advice of Shadow defence minister Gerald Howarth and "go and find somewhere else to live". His spokesperson stated that he has destroyed his British papers as he is unable to practise his 'religion' here meaning he has to go back to Crapistan or wherever he's from and start a jihaaad! there instead. Later in the day he got a message across that actually he is coming back and that he only went to visit his sick mother in Beirut. Since he's destroyed his passport unless ive misunderstood something here, surely he cant come back. (Though i wouldnt put it past this government). It seems more likely he didnt want to look like an utter coward in the face of all the media attention today and in front of his terror groupies.....

  • Preacher Flees Britain

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