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Friday, August 05, 2005

A poll on my beauty? Inevitable, I suppose...

By Richard Owen - The Times

Not MY beauty - Antonietta's.. but anyway whatever her legal duties I lost all respect for her when she called the suspect 'sweet'.

"Antonietta Sonnessa achieved overnight celebrity by defending July 21 bomb suspect Hussain Osman. In her first interview she tells Times 2 how she is coping with instant fame

ANTONIETTA SONNESSA, the woman lawyer defending Hussain Osman, the alleged Shepherd’s Bush bomber on July 21, arrives half an hour late for our early morning appointment at her office, her lustrous long black hair flying and her mobile phone already ringing insistently in her small black handbag. “I’m terribly sorry,” she says, as she emerges from the old-fashioned wrought-iron lift.
“I’ve been up half the night studying the new European arrest warrant and its implications for extradition.” "...

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