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Monday, November 07, 2005

You told us. But you didnt pursuade us Mr Blair.

In recent days ive seen a bunch of frequently pathetic blogging about what Prince Charles did or didn’t say about Islam on his trip to the US with his middle aged bride. So some twee little journalists in New York are patting each other on the back comparing a 25 year old ….to a 50 year old (whilst no doubt waxing lyrical about the latest pink salt they are carrying around in snuff boxes to New York restaurants (trust me)). And we think the royals have strange habits.

Frankly though, who cares?

If you want to talk about a right royal fuck up, then look no further than our ELECTED government’s shenanigans over the last few days.

BY the people OF the people FOR the people. Or rather… provided it suits the liberal agenda and/or the sudden need for the conservatives to find something A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to oppose and/or doesn’t interfere with MPs little power games.

Mrs Taylor whose daughter (not son as I wrote earlier) was murdered on July 7, has made it plainly clear to government today that anyone who seeks to undermine the proposed legislation risks losing her vote. And I would hazard a guess that this is directed at the Conservatives. The Conservatives meanwhile list all the times Blair voted against them on terror legislation - as if to make a point? Quite honestly I think Blackadder’s Percy and the Prince Regent could have collectively arrived at a smarter course of action.

It’s obvious that the liberal judiciary whose main duty it is to scrutinise the executive would do precisely that, scrutinise the legislation (even if I detest their posturing and would, given half a chance, urge them to consider what is obviously at stake by making them take the tube with me to work every day). But I would have expected more from those people who act on my behalf.

The first duty of any government is to protect its people. That protection being the physical protection of its people. Not the complexities of human rights. Im boring myself repeating what seems so obvious but clearly hasn’t made the slightest impact on our MPs. July 7 resulted in the deaths of British citizens and was a direct attack on home soil. How is it that MPs seem so perfectly capable of defending vermin. The bushy tailed and bushy bearded variety. What are we waiting for, gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament to give then a shunt in the right direction?

The police did not request these powers which MPs seem to think they will wield over hundreds of people (rather than the likely handful of total mentalists likely to be a REAL and PRESENT DANGER). The police were asked after July 7 what more can be done to make their jobs easier in the PRESENT climate. They were directly asked what is involved in unravelling the web of planning that goes behind a muslim terror attack. You know…from recent experience, July 7 (just as a reminder Mr MP) and other attacks that have been recently foiled.

It was based on these recommendations that the new legislation was put forward. If this rotten government had simply plucked the figures out of thin air then I might think it needed a bit more of a review.

MPs are choosing to ignore these recommendations, in favour of standing alongside unelected unrepresentative civil liberties groups. These vile organisations sole purpose is to generate publicity for themselves in order to simply exist. It keeps Shami Shosha Wotsit in a job. Nothing more. Clearly demonstrated by the kind of spurious response of ‘Liberty’ vis a vis the ‘case’ against British soldiers - even when the case had been shown up for the utter utter joke that it was. I mean did this moonbat need to say anything at all?

  • Seven Paras and Jack Idema : Human Rights, Human Wrongs - RottweilerPuppy

  • But it seems she/they suit the agenda of conservatives and labour backbenchers with an axe to grind. All at our expense.

    So remind me why we have government again?


    At Monday, 07 November, 2005, Blogger Dumb Brit said...

    Because politicians are cheaper than circuses?

    At Tuesday, 08 November, 2005, Blogger Alison said...

    And better than monarchy apprently! I still havent added you to the blog links because ive forgotten how to do it. Ill figure it out soon I hope!


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