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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Please make it brief Mr Taylor we’re almost out of time

It was humbling and, frankly, weirdly refreshing to hear the opinions of Mr and Mrs Taylor on SKY today. Their son was murdered on July 7. In a quietly dignified manner they spoke to the interviewer about their grief and let the government and a variety of ‘rights’ groups know how badly they have been failed. “I am glad the bombers are dead” said Mrs Taylor. Her reason was simple even if it would have been jarring for our liberal friends out there. Knowing they are dead she summised, is knowing that justice is served. For her greatest worry would be that the terrorists had survived and that under the liberal left leaning system of justice in this country the terrorists would not have received an appropriate sentence & would have spent their days lounging in Britain’s hotel leisure park prisons. She went on to say that victims of crime are blatantly ignored as a result of political correctness. Mr Taylor added that ‘this government’ needs to wake up. The calm, gritty and grim determination of these parents to voice their opinion was immensely humbling. No amount of blogging our feelings would have come close to evoking the kind of stomach twisting disgust that they made plain today. There was a distinct lack of politically motivated hangers on nodding in the background. It was a break with tradition for our MSM who usually seek out the more camera worthy victims that get the PC hand wringing seal of approval. Even if the interviewer’s “please make it brief Mr Taylor we’re almost out of time” sounded incredibly insensitive and somewhat ironic. It kind of leans into the general train of thought here.

  • We are being so badly let down

  • (see Total Absence of Merit -DangerouslySubversivedad)

    The Tories seem such an uncertain bet, too caught up in themselves, too inadequate, too spineless..wooing the media.

    This isnt about them. It is about people like the Taylors.

    The French.. correction Nicolas Sarkovy is kicking butt when it comes to handling immigrant nonsense. I was amazed to watch on TF1 as ordinary people affected by the violence in the immigrant dominated suburbs of Paris were given a one on one audience with the President in waiting to discuss the violence. Not some community representatives or so called Association. But real people caught in the middle angry at seeing their property destroyed by morons. Furthermore he dismissed the allegations of insensitivity when it was claimed the CRS had fired into mosques claiming there was no proof! And he made very clear how he intended to handle this ongoing situation without a whinging journalist or rights group in sight.

    Its not all good news though . Have the MSM picked up on the story about French beef poisoning children in south west France? Frozen burgers from a major supermarket chain in south west France have been blamed for some kind of food contamination - but they are not too sure if it is the beef itself or the processing factory that is to blame. Nevertheless a number of children have been hospitalised and are very seriously ill. Some have even required blood transfusions. Time for a tasteless joke M Chirac?


    At Thursday, 03 November, 2005, Blogger "Alice" said...

    “please make it brief Mr Taylor we’re almost out of time” That sounds as if the news presenter had one of those hooks that they used to use on stage to pull the person off during a vaudville act when the act was bombing. Another words, the Taylors went off script. Good for them. And while I am so very sorry for their loss, I am also so glad that there are three less terrorists in this world now.

    At Thursday, 03 November, 2005, Blogger DumbJon said...

    Yep alice, that's exactly what I thought. Either that or a trapdoor.

    At Monday, 07 November, 2005, Blogger Alison said...

    On this occasion the media (Sky) wanted to give the Taylors a voice and asked them leading questions. But to my mind it is never enough. They should have been given all the time they needed over this. As much time as the BBC affords islamonazis for example.


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