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Friday, November 11, 2005

Bin Laden to move in next door to President Bush

It appears unlikely that new Work and Pensions secretary John Hutton will be

"keeping and eye on his (benefits) payments"

as one source in the ES states in relation to the Secretary's new neighbour. Mr Hutton has bought a half a million pound property next door to hook handed Abu Hamza’s council house.

If ever you want an indication of how well the state treats terrorists then this would be a more obvious example. Aside from ensuring their rights are protected to the maximum by both Labour and Conservative MPs yesterday, we also make sure they get the very best housing London has to offer. So charming are the properties that hapless Labour MPs are blissfully unaware that they are moving in next door to terrorist's pals in council accomodation.

Can you imagine a US senator living next door to Mr Hamza in Washington? Or for that matter Sarko in Paris? His preferred course of action is to give trouble makers the finger and then boot them out the country immediately, green card or no.

Meanwhile its all laughs and jokes over at the Huttons.

"The morning greetings over the wall will be a bit special"
another source says.

Given that Mr Hamza is in prison to whom are they referring. Mrs Hamza?! I bet she's all warm fuzzy chats over cups of tea.

I doubt that Mr Hutton was aware that he had moved in next door to a man both wanted in the US and currently in Belmarsh prison for inciting to murder non Muslims and stirring up racial hatred. Oh and with a £2000 computer in his cell…..(go figure!). But now that he is, I fully expect Mr Hutton to hand deliver the benefits cheques on his way back from work every evening in that thoughtful Nuu Labour manner.

Hamza’s house was given a £25,000 refit including a new kitchen with splendid granite work surfaces, a new boiler, walls and floors tiled, new bathroom and a brand new gas cooker. His jobless wife claims £1000 a week in benefits for herself and her eight children which includes rent allowance £290 a week income support £80 child benefit and allowances for council tax.

Presumably this classifies Hamza as a Key Terrorist. As opposed to a Key Worker.

(But of course it would be wrong of me to expect any member of the conservative party to pipe up on this useful issue and worry about the injustice of it all wouldn’t it)


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