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Monday, November 07, 2005

Really F**king Stupid People

  • A Right Rant and a Half

  • This rant has it nailed. These kids are far too stupid to even know what their purpose is. When i watched on TF1 from inside the 'war zone' last week it had to be spoon fed to them by the media. The rioting interviewees were giggling and grinning from ear to ear at their sudden stardom. Basically le RFSP of Paris start kicking out with a bit of teenage lawlessness because 2 of their friends were stupid enough to hide in an electricty station and fry themselves, the RFS-MSM make them look hardcore which appeals to them on a Playstation meets Intifadacool level, the media then amplifies the hard done by sentiment giving them the motive and whips them up into a violent quelle surprise..before you know it they're all texting each other and placing bets on who will feature on the 10 o clock news (as reported on TF1 itself). Instead of seeing this the way Sarky sees it, the media here has to come out and serve up the 'white man not worthy' angle with a touch of anglo saxon irony - this is the French were talking about after all .


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