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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is it over yet?.... It is!

Been a busy week at work. Ive finally found time to get blogging again. And prompted by Carol Thatcher winning the appauling but oddly fascinating Im a Celebrity I walked to work thinking about the good ol days with Carols’ mum at the helm of true conservatism - and I wondered how the Tories have managed to tail spin into nothingness with such glee. NB Prompted by Carol Thatcher - not the ever so exciting news that Cameron is IT.

I guess its mostly due to that smart statesman Tony Blair that the Ts are fumbling mess. I found myself voting for him last time around purely on the back of his terror credentials. Not something I would have ever expected to do but faced with a clear set of concerns that I could see and the Conservatives at that time, who could blame me. The Ts said all the right things regards home policies but didn’t approach the situation with any vigour a bit like opposition government. They’ve had enough time to grapple with being out of power after all. But they still seem to be in shock. They still seemed unconvinced of themselves. And the sneering pompous Michael Howard was in charge.

Then suddenly they think they see a bright new vision of…. well er...something. Noone appears to know what. And the media start hyperventilating.

About what? It was baffling!

So far all they have done is put forward some mediocre candidates with a half vision of the future - that doesnt include conservatism. In fact all the policies I would have voted for with the right leader seem to have been binned in favour of having a fluffy media bunny. They’re so clearly unsure who their voters are its almost comedy. They are now openly and proudly liberal. Theyre 'out'.

Even the candidate who was supposed to be right wing didn’t have an edge, a bite, a statesman like appeal to drive this country in the right direction, excuse the pun. The media have successfully pushed their Cameron into the role of leader and are busy patting themselves on the back and the spineless, spinning conservatives were happy to let them. Its as if they believe they are in for an easy media ride now: “look what we gave you ~ looook!”. The media will soon get bored of Cameron - it wont take long to rip him to pieces.

Overall it was hardly two great statesmen squaring up to each other.

And so we continue with a lacklustre, now left of centre conservative leader and a liberal media more resoundingly in charge of this country than ever before.

Where the Tory's are priceless at being wrong, Tony’s lot are absolutely priceless at achieving nothing of merit. With all being sensationally adept at soundbites and spin. Frankly its more exciting watching Carol Thatcher win Im a Celeb.

And at least that doesnt let you down.


At Wednesday, 07 December, 2005, Blogger City Troll said...

Glad to see you voted.. And I am still making changes stop by an leave another comment I think I am done for awhile

At Wednesday, 07 December, 2005, Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

This week's Jack Idema post is up at the Puppy. Help yourself.


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