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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A belated note on that woman

The West’s first female suicide bomber. So what was in it for the she-bomb? Their male counterparts can look forward to a heaven full of unveiled virgins and a big hand shake from Mohammed for their efforts. At least that’s what local mad mullahs would have them believe. Strikes me as odd that someone can find such breath taking courage as to take her own life and those of others on the promise of sweet FA but cant see her way to ripping off her burka and basking in some much needed sunlight.

What a mixed up bunch of unhinged sisters they must be. Lets not forget that Muslim women are so devilishly sluttish that they risk enflaming all sorts of bestial undesirables in all who pass them by. Rather than find this empowering they are content to believe the real reason for this creepy piece of bedlinen is ‘modesty’ and protection from the ‘infidel’. (Of course rape, beatings and honour killings are unquestionably acceptable from ‘non infidels’).

Yep, generally, the concept of the she-bomb is obvious. Theyve nothing to lose, are easy to persuade, gullible, absolutely no strength of character.

Meanwhile the parents of this western mulsim she-bomb seemed almost resigned that it was their daughter before they had even heard it confirmed.

"When we heard on Tuesday evening on the television that a Belgian woman had blown herself up in Iraq, we thought it was Muriel "

“She was more Muslim than Muslim”. “The religion was totally ingrained in her. She only lived for that.”
Initially, she wore a hijab, or Islamic veil, but soon started wearing the head-to-toe chador that leaves the face visible. Finally she wore a burka".

“When we saw them, they imposed their rules. We were at home, but my husband had to eat in the kitchen with Issam while the women ate together in the sitting room. There was no question of putting on the TV or opening a beer,” M Degauque said.

My husband got so fed up that he said the next time they came round we should leave them by themselves.”
The parents seemed almost transfixed & powerless. A bit like the whole of society on a regular basis. After all, even walking past a woman in the backward looking burkha should shock and anger us. But society just shrugs its shoulders. And parents of a western woman are unshocked that they should be eating seperately in their own home and that their daughter becomes a suicide bomber.

Whats wrong with this picture?


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