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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Human Rights Farce

Im late in posting this - no excuse really other than it has been hellishly busy this week.

This directly from Cao's blog on Jack Idema speaks volumes.

It demonstrates the hypocrisy of the human rights bridgades in the ongoing situation and touches on the lack of impetus momentum, whatever you want to call it, in really facing up to a threat and tackling it. This includes the noble but weak approach to dealing with the threat in the UK. As reported over at

  • Through the Looking Glass
  • this week whilst only marginally reported in the MSM it appears the anti terror police we think are such a load of crap have been busying themselves ensuring we all enjoy our Christmas - in spite of our best efforts to hinder and rubbish them at every turn. Anti terror police, our armed forces & Mr Idema and pals - the very people who are protecting us - seem to be so much easier to villify if youve nothing better to do - on the left.

    (Lets hope that in the process of tracking and catching these charmers our police managed to get enough admissable court evidence in the next two weeks to ensure they wont be out buying RPGs again in the near future)

    Over to Cao:-

    "Ted Kavanau is a veteran television news executive, was one of the founders of CNN and created CNN's Headline News. He has served in news managerial capacities at TV stations in New York, Oakland, Calif., and San Diego. He discovered Katie Couric, and groomed several of the newscasters we see on news shows today.

    He left this comment on the Brent Bennett post the other day. Here it is.

    Americans should understand the stake they have in helping free Jack, Brent and Ed and put back in action his team of terrorist hunting Afghans. Very recent history makes the case ever more sharply. Following the three bombings of American-owned Hotels in Jordan there was again a lot of chatter by pundits on TV here about how vulnerable we are in the US. Was that vulnerablity a surprise to anybody? Did it really take a horrific event to happen before we again fall back into enjoying our pleasant lifesyles? It is ironic that the attack in Jordan comes one day after the British Parliament voted down Tony Blair's proposal to triple the number of days a suspected terrorist can be held in a British prison. I hear the British press is calling for Tony Blair to resign after his defeat. I think it is time for the British Parliament members who voted against him to resign. Here in the US the Democrats, after a few electoral victories in Governor races, are smelling Bush weakness and again getting aggressive about our not yet finding Bin Laden (as well their other complaints about the war in Iraq). The Republicans are playing into the hands not only of their political enemies, but of their terrorist enemies by not unleashing one of the best weapons they have against Al Qaeda and its followers, namely Jack Idema, Brent Bennett and the Afghans warriors of Saber7. If Idema and the others had not been arrested, there was good reason (you can read all about it on to believe Idema would have captured Bin Laden.

    Let's hope that with the new Afghan Parliament Idema and Saber7 will again have the opportunity to go hunt terrorists and keep us all a lot safer. That's the stake we all have in what happens to Idema and his team and that is why his story is so worthy of our attention and our action.

    When all was said and done, these people admitted that no torture occurred, and 5 Afghan Supreme Court Justices decleared them innocent of all charges. Yet, the American government won't allow them to be released. The question is...why?

    What I don't understand is why Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Red Cross and all those "watch groups" haven't raised any hell in this case. I haven't heard the human rights activists complaining about THESE injustices, why would that be? Could it be that the only people they are supporting in terms of human rights violations are the terrorists and not our soldiers and the men who are defending us in this war?

    Idema was tortured with boiling water, starvation, threats of death, and assault with various implements (such as wire cables and rubber whips), resulting in broken ribs, a separated sternum, torn rotator cuffs, hemorrhaged eyes, multiple concussions, lacerations, contusions, and bruises. Although the U.S. Embassy later had medical reports indicating the extent of the torture, Sandra Ingram, Assistant U.S. Consul DOS Kabul, ordered the reports rewritten to tone down the extent of the injuries.

    And let's not forget how they were treated at Thanksgiving:

    Thanksgiving for Jack Idema, Captain Bennett, Lt Banderas, and Journalist Carabello went like this: Ten US Special Operations Soldiers were threatened by the Dept of State with Article 15's (low level court martials) if they brought Turkey to Pulacharke Prison on Thanksgiving.

    If that's not enough,

    US Consul Addie Harchick visted them, refused them mail, and then tried to drive away with the water the Marines sent them, until an Afghan General had his bodyguards block the Embassy car and force them to deliver the water. One of the State Dept Security officers told the story at bar last night, and it made the boys sitting there listening f***ing sick. We treated Nazi POWs better than this.

    Something's terribly wrong here, and part if it has to do with the leftists who are supporting the rights of the enemy versus truly supporting our troops and the people who are fighting the WOT on our behalf.

    To join the campaign, email Cao of Cao's Blog and tell her you want to join the Free Jack Idema blogburst"


    At Thursday, 01 December, 2005, Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

    To get the email address thingy working, you have to click 'Edit HTML' in blogger's edit window and add the code manually. grr.

    Use this:

    contact Cao at this address.

    as I've noticed Cao sometimes misses emails that aren't titled correctly.

    Also, have you thought about getting trackbacks for this -- it generates traffick and keeps everyone in the blogburst hooked up.

    And -- hey! -- It's good to have another Brit doing this. I appreciate your efforts.

    At Thursday, 01 December, 2005, Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

    Oh, unbelievable. Blogger's edit window doesn't handle email addresses, but the commenting window auto-formats them into some strange hybred of an email and a web address. Double-grr. (And is anyone else getting sick of having to type in uvgydhs everytime they leave a comment or post?)

    At Thursday, 01 December, 2005, Blogger Alison said...

    Yes and some cant because of the way ive set it up so i get comments which dont get posted until i sort them.
    Ill figure it out when works calmed down. Thanks for the tips, need to figure this out

    At Thursday, 01 December, 2005, Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

    Don't bet on being able to fix it -- We've given up on emailing blogger about this issue. It seems that some smartarsed moonbat keeps reporting the Puppy as a 'possible' spamblog. Hence, every time we try to post, we have to type in the verification dkfjadfy. Ugh.
    But, look, my less-sensitive half certainly wasn't being critical of the setup at Making Headlines -- Obviously, you're not experiencing this.
    Priscilla (RottyPup)

    At Saturday, 03 December, 2005, Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

    Lock and load. We're hunting Colm-shaped bear over at A Tangled Web's 'TORIES ABANDON PRINCIPLE' thread.


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