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Friday, November 25, 2005

OK I know its Friday but...

Only one thing wrong with this picture and thats on the left (hardly!)

  • And what about justice for the victims of Ulster?
  • A Tangled Web
  • Im repeating in full the text of Andrews post ABOVE over at A Tangled Web.

    Also above is the link he included to the Telegraph on the same subject.

    Its very moving. I havent been reminded of how bitterly i felt about the IRA for a long time so much are we absorbed by current threats. It just seems that this has being neatly brushed under the carpet. We are constantly reminded about JUSTICE and upholding RIGHTS and our esteemed VALUES. We get our faces well and truly rubbed in it all the time by the likes of Galloway and his De Menezes campaign. Rights groups like Shami's Liberty practically swing from the rafters to protect the rights of little ASBO shits and full on terrorists. Conservatives SCREAM opportunistic blue murder when we DARE to suggest sacrificing our values over 90 days detention proposals. What are they talking about?! We ARE sacrificing them ALREADY. Where is the sense of indignation at this?! The bill was PASSED by a MAJORITY in the Commons yesterday and will SAIL through the Lords. God this has been pissing me off.

    Frances Blackbourne whose teenage son was murdered by IRA members apparently 'wearing butchers aprons' (as one commenter not sure of this is true) spoke to Tony Blair the other day with the usual quiet dignity but felt that she was too late and that minds were already made up. Of course: Without legions of moonbats surrounding her why would anyone want to pay attention to Frances Blackbourne??

    Here's his post:-


    Labour Spits on the Innocent

    "I worked a full day on Thursday, hence my lack of blogging. During the day I heard Willie McCrea's plea to the Secretary of State, choking back tears as he recalled attempting to identify his two cousins blown to pieces by the IRA. It was extremely moving and the only time I have ever know a Member to break down in the Commons.

    The debate taking place was the amnesty legislation, permitting scumbags like Owen Carron, Rita O'Hare and Pat (your neighbourhood friendly solicitor) Finucane's younger brother, Dermot, to return to Northern Ireland without so much as a hair on their heads being disturbed by the due processes of justice and retribution. Was Hain genuinely moved by the protests of brave people like Aileen Quinton? No way, Jose!! This is a man whose love for the politics of Irish republican Marxism and its alleged panaceas for all the ills of Ulster far outweighs any sense of innate decency he might have over the killings of totally innocent people.

    Of course, bleeding-heart Shinners will talk of the loss of their 'loved ones' also. Nobody, outside the sclerotic confines of their own support really equates the sort of human filth who made up the vast majority of their lost 'loved ones' to people who were killed by them. As far as I, and millions of others are concerned, republican 'loved ones' were the dregs of humanity, whose slaying was a great service to the rest of the British public, and without which the world is an infinitely better place.

    Unprecedented in British legal history, New Labour has effectively waived the need for those who commit murder to serve any sort of penance for their actions. If the law doesn't serve the needs of the innocent and the law-abiding, what is the point of it? Will Hain and his cronies ensure that any surviving relative, who decides to despatch Rita, Dermot and Owen to the bowels of Beelzebub courtesy of the same methods these criminals used against their victims, be treated with exactly the same leniency as these animals have been?

    'At the going down of the sun,And in the morning, Labour has forgotten them."



    At Monday, 19 December, 2005, Anonymous Aileen said...


    the signs are that it will struggle to get through the Lords!


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