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Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Drink up ..time gentleman please"

The Mayflower Pub East London

There's a clue in the name and location hereā€¦for, in 1620, a certain ship carrying certain Pilgrim Fathers left the wharf outside this pub bound for America. Yes, that's right - the Mayflower set sail from right here, a journey that was to result in the good ol' US of A.

Nice that we finally see our licencing laws updated on Thanksgiving , cheers!

Im completely in favour of the new laws. The argument against ignores and restricts people like myself from being able to go out and enjoy a drink with friends and family late if we choose to. As opposed to factoring in 11pm. As for all the media bleating on about binge drinking - we have way too much nanny state interference in our lives as it is, get lost! We are lucky in London to have had bars that cater for post 11pm drinking. But it will be nice to be able to go to a regular PUB. So finally... no more rushing to get to the pub before they call time. And when my sister arrives from LA and I finish work late and we fancy nipping out for a pint in a pub & have a catch up ...well, we bloody well can!

Pub Philosopher has written a good piece on the new laws here:

  • At last a pint after 11pm
  • BTW Villandry in great Portland Street is celebrating Thanksgiving Southern style, while Christopher's is doing a more traditional East Coast Thanksgiving in Covent Garden and in their new restaurant in the City for any UK based US citizens.

    Dont say us Londoners dont treat you yanks well! God bless us!

    Weve a lot to be thankful for. I for one am very proud of being a Brit. And im grateful for it. In a very reserved English kind of way. (Except when there's sport on). Thing is if you forget who you are and why you should be proud & thankful then you've lost the argument with 'THEM' ...out there. The ones id happily see packed off on the suitably rickety ship 'Moonbat'.


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