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Monday, December 12, 2005

"As soon as anybody starts to do something about it somebody sticks their hands in the air and says 'What about their human rights?'

"What about the human rights of my daughter and the 50-odd people on July 7?"

Mr Taylor whose daughter was murdered on July 7 and who ive mentioned here before - speaking at today's Together Against Terror conference - where he attacked the government for being slack on security. Mr Taylor criticised the Home Office, Liberty and the Met chief all in attendance and told reporters he felt 'very angry' (source BBC). He has also previously criticised those who opposed the 90 day detention proposals and used the same obvious and powerful argument above.

So far we have reams dedicated to those survivors who 'forgive' and feel no anger, bear no grudge and... oppose the 90 day proposals. Some conservative blogs have also been very quick to smack down The Sun newspaper for being the (only) paper to have supported the PM on these proposals and have voiced their distaste for the view point in a trite and patronising manner. Perhaps those same bloggers would like to take the same stand against Mr Taylor and tell him he's wrong?

I hope that Mr Taylors voice gets heard above the oh-so-righteous din of all those protecting terrorists in the name of what they believe to be our sacred unalterable values. If not Mr Taylor, im listening!

  • Terror Poll
  • .....Part of the conference today and for the Metropolitan Police Authority...argh!

    ***Update - please participate in the moonbat poll open til next Monday - and make the inevitable 'focus' group's life as complex as the poll itself! Make sure your voice counts. The conference today was attended by Liberty's director, i wonder what her reaction was to Mr Taylor? As if i couldnt guess. Make SURE Liberty and the rest of these moonbats are not the ones dictating how we view the terror threat and how our police force is continually sculpted and fashioned by the Academic moonbats, by registering your opinion and COMMENTs. ....And marvel at the way the moonbats put these questions together for the very pc PCs. Small wonder the pc brigade exert the influence they do with polls like these.


    At Friday, 16 December, 2005, Blogger City Troll said...

    this poll should be more prominant on all the UK blogs

    At Friday, 16 December, 2005, Blogger Alison said...

    Yes it should - this sort of PC focus group nonsense ends up skewing feedback - its then used as the basis for yet more pc policing. The sort of thing that results in coppers taking their shoes off before entering a muslim household.


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