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Monday, June 05, 2006


First its lorry drivers from Tescos, then its cabbies, then schools. St Georges Flag bans. The Sun has mounted a flag flying campaign (‘Up Yours’ – funny. Though on the back of 04s misdemeanor when the referee Urs Meier made THAT dodgy decision and the Sun planted an 80 foot flag outside his home you have to question if they aren’t part of the problem sometimes).

The BBC as usual cant make up its mind. It likes to report all the instances of PC madness but also seems to be perpetually debating it ‘should we mark St Georges Day, should we fly the flag?’ or is it racist. Or rather, lets MAKE it racist…lets keep on and on with the same old tired non issue til we extinguish every last remaining drop of English culture.

Journos, do gooders and co who feel the need to ask the question about flying the flag on a regular basis, do so to make us all feel like social pariahs.

This story really grates though. And the rubbish that is used to justify such a miserable set of choices is something else. Small wonder kids grow up confused and with no sense of identity or belonging!

"It is, however, essential that we do not surrender to those with a racist and fascist agenda or stifle national pride in the achievements of a multicultural England football team which is representing a multicultural nation."

Leaving aside the casual tossing about of the words 'racist' and 'fascist' for debate crushing effect (yawn)…since when has the England football team been multicultural? It’s actually pretty revealing about the thinking behind dead end ‘multi culturalism’.

If I wanted to point out differences, which sane people don’t but mutli culturalists seem to want to do with ever mounting panic, I might say the team was multi racial. But there is only one single culture that embodies this team. They ARE all ENGLISH. And proud of it. They can almost all sing along to the national anthem now too so better ban it?

Lefty do gooders are such BORES. And they upset children. Eugh. And when they aren’t being boring they are being slightly sinister. Ken's speech after July 7 went so overboard on the ‘attacking the world’ when you attack ‘multi cultural London’ that at one point I wondered if he was suggesting it would have been okay to attack us otherwise.

** Gordon Brown has today advised that all immigrants should actually have to learn English. He feels the need to explain WHY. The MSM then report this as *NEWS*. (No. Don’t do it Gordon. Just ban the English language)


At Monday, 05 June, 2006, Blogger Eric said...

I've been following this story off and on for the past few days.

My biggest question is this: why are some people so concerned about offending people who would be offended by the sight of the English flag?

Are the majority of English not offended by the very fact that a few are offended by the flag?

At Monday, 05 June, 2006, Anonymous Enid said...

Just do the flag. Only the offensive are offended...the bearded wonders and darth vader lookalikes - so just do it.

At Monday, 05 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please could Muslims stop practicing Islam and building Mosques; it is an insensitive reminder of terrorism.

At Tuesday, 06 June, 2006, Blogger MonicaR said...

Yes Jonz and it provokes me.

At Tuesday, 06 June, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

They are Eric yes :) and there is a bit of a backlash. And will be generally everywhere.

At Wednesday, 07 June, 2006, Blogger Wolfie said...

This one always puzzles me. So how can someone actually be offended by a flag? A piece of material fluttering in the wind - personally I find them quite attractive. Seems to be that people who follow this line of reasoning haven't got enough real problems to worry about in their lives... perhaps we should give them some?


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