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Monday, May 22, 2006

Seeing Red

Public ‘supports’ retiring at 68

Oh do they.

“MINISTERS will tomorrow claim strong public support for their plan to raise the state pension age to 68 by the middle of the century as part of a shake-up of Britain’s pensions”

Public support. Heh. Would they be PUBLIC sector workers by any chance?

The latter probably also support unlimited immigration just to support their pension funds. And would buffer up any opinion polls the government might care to whip out in the future to support their case on the latter.

I accept we are living longer and need to work longer though frankly I think we should be allowed to enjoy those extra years with family given the hours and hours of free work we put in ex contracted working hours. Id really only support it if public sector workers did the same without moaning. Frankly they should have to work one extra year given all their extra benefits in kind some of them get. Whatever it is they do its no more important a role to society than mine.

Hat tip Not Proud of Britain

On a less important issue I had similar ‘be all and end all told you so’ stats waved in my face when I wrote to TfL recently to ask how they managed to put new very futuristic red double decker buses on the roads without any air conditioning. How is it possible when overhauling the buses they could forget this?

It was all so thoroughly well thought through that we have ghastly bright yellow poles to hold onto specifically for the ‘visually challenged’ – you know - the people that you see cramming onto the buses every day, brandishing white sticks in rush hour. The ones a fellow passenger couldn’t possibly steer towards a pole if required - or even a seat.

You have to be visually impaired to deal with those sorts of acid colours at 7am.

After several frankly shitty pieces of correspondence between me and some union-bound *** (who was always right), she whips out some stats to prove me insane.

‘A majority’ of those surveyed wanted bigger windows on the buses. Their first priority.

I don’t recall being asked my opinion. And I live here and use transport every day.

Could it be that of those ‘Londoners’ surveyed they were a) tourists and/or b) it was winter?

Did anyone think to supply a checklist of the blindingly (ha ha) obvious? I doubt it. Don’t want to give anyone any expensive ideas eh.

(the pic is of a French riot officers boot. The CRS, riot experts in my opinion, use paintguns, to identify the 'casseurs' - trouble makers - that they want to arrest. The CRS are scary. You get three warnings and then they charge at you. They show no mercy. And that includes dumb bystanders trying to take pics. Trust me)


At Monday, 22 May, 2006, Anonymous Enid said...

Alison, Alison...wake up the TfL and all officialdom of that ilk, enjoy nah thoroughly enjoy making life difficult for the general public. When you go to France next time, notice the bumps before zebra crossings etc., to inform the visually impaired that a crossing is in reach. They are TWICE the size and totally uncomfortable to walk on than on the Continent. Also notice the larger bumps on roads to make sure you are totally unable to drive in comfort. Some little ***hole in a council office dreams them up to make life difficult for you. Air con in buses lol. I could go on but life is too short.

At Monday, 22 May, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

I wasnt expecting them to get it right even though aircon has been the TfL bain for some time. Im just amazed they conducted a survey. And acted on the whims of some members of the public. Id love to know who filled in their waste of money questionnaire.


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