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Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Slimeballs Always Hate a Strong Woman"

Theyre all at it.

From Michelle Malkins site this weekend

Think This is Funny?

Slimeballs Always Hate a Strong Woman

You should read the lot. Its a great tribute. Considering the authors a Marxist. And makes some salient points.

"I couldn’t help coming back to the fact that the level of criticism aimed at Margaret Thatcher was often unbelievably babyish and bullying. It highlighted a tendency that the Left has always pretended was a weakness of the Right — silliness about sex. I’ve noticed over the past few years that when some poor liberal clown wants to deal what he fondly imagines to be the "killer blow" to the Bush–Blair alliance, he’ll draw a cartoon of the Titan Two apparently bending, blowing, buggering and generally being gay with each other. In this easy assumption that calling him a homosexualist is the most devastating thing you can do to an enemy, certain sections of the Left reveal their shocking lack of sexual health and sophistication — no wonder some of them have hopped so easily into bed with woman–oppressing, gay–executing Islamic (funda)mentalists. Personally, I like Bush and Blair, and do you know what? If I thought they really were serving it to each other on a regular basis, I’d like ’em even more"

Previously Julie wrote for the Guardian until her inability to tow their line on Israel meant she was forced out. She wrote for the Times, brief stint with TV and then published a book (Sugar Rush). Currently taking a year out to study theology I believe. Lets hope she comes back guns blazing?

Julie Birchill On Islam and the Left

(Just google Julie and Islam for that matter)

If youre unfamiliar with Ms Birchill:

Spiked Interview with Julie Birchill

If Julie needs an introduction, it's tough knowing where to start. Running away from her working-class Bristol childhood at the age of 17 to scribble speed-driven venom for the NME at the height of punk, marrying and deserting Tony Parsons prior to queening it over the Groucho journo set, skipping gaily from highly paid column to spiky column in a variety of newspapers across the land. Enraging the Left with her hard-line anti-liberalism and some-time Thatcher worship, the Right with her brazen pro-Soviet Communism and hatred of the bourgeoisie, and everyone with her particular and peculiar blend of narcissism, iconoclasm and rudeness

Most of the attacks on Julie ressemble those made on Michelle. If you do a google search you'll find the same sort of shit.


At Sunday, 21 May, 2006, Blogger DV said...

Shows the hatred in moonbats hearts!

At Sunday, 21 May, 2006, Blogger associatecontributor1 said...

Liberals dislike Malkin because she breaks the stereotype of what a conservative is. She is young, attractive, and funny. She doesn't match the convential wisdom and that scares liberals.

At Monday, 22 May, 2006, Blogger James said...

I run hot and cold with Julie Burchill, sometimes, she can be so "right-on" and "working class" that it's ridiculous. I do, however, respect the fact that she appears to be a person of principle (whether I agree with her principles or not).

I used to think the same of Anne Widdicombe before I had my damascene conversion to conservatism.

And you're right, the left has a real problem with gender and sexuality.

At Monday, 22 May, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

AC1 - also their attack using a stereotype was pretty shocking.

James - Ive just checked on Pickled Politics who coincidentally are running a piece on gender and debate. One of the commenters there a woman who uses the psyd "Old Peculiar" whose politics are right leaning (!) is being accused of being man in disguise by those on the left. It seems to always boil down to smutty inuendo.

I agree with you about Julie Birchill and class etc - check out the Spiked article but on real issues she is very forthright and has been treated to some typical lefty attacks as a result.

DV - the hate can go both ways but the left have more of an issue with sharp tongued women, resort to smut and will go for the jugular.

At Tuesday, 23 May, 2006, Blogger Tom Tyler said...

I always loved Julie Burchill's writings for the NME, although she was way off the mark when she reviewed The Jesus And Mary Chain's single "Never Understand" as "a self-important noise for gloomy goths to sit around and feel depressed and important to", or words very similar to that. She didn't quite catch on to the phenomenon of the "eight leather legs that shook the world (a little bit)", as expressed by a later NME writer. Ah well, we all make mistakes! I still fancied her, if that's not too much of a sexist thing to say! She still looks nice too. Rock on, Julie!

At Tuesday, 23 May, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

LOL Tom - that Spiked article is a bit revealing - i like the way she dismisses Castros issue with gays "he had his reasons im sure" too much wine at that point i suspect :D

she can be scathing of middle classes but 'were all middle class now Julie!'. Or is that we are all working class now.


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