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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Britain - Awake yet?

Police have finally removed those placards from peace activist Brian Haw at the scene of his five-year vigil outside Parliament.

Officers went to Parliament Square in the early hours of Tuesday to deal with alleged breaches of Mr Haw's 'demonstration conditions' (how sinister sounding is that).

"They have left me with just one placard. All of my personal belongings have been taken and dumped in a container along with nearly all the displays.

"They have completely destroyed all the expressions of people who opposed the war in Iraq."

Indeed Brian. Your piss poor demo and anti American drivel might do nothing for me but I’d defend to the death etc and so on and so forth…...even when Cindy Moonbat pays you a visit.

We even get some proper righteous indignation from Liberty ...and some people wrestlng with the police (and ending up looking a bit daft…)

Doug Jewell, from the civil rights group: "The government's intolerance has surely reached a fever-pitch when 50 police are sent in to dismantle one man's peaceful protest in the middle of the night."

Yeah well Doug we had 50 or so looking on menacingly and taking our photos with 50 foot zoom lenses and camcorders, at the free speech rally, banning our flags with bogus by-laws...where were you then?

Haw was being mobbed by photographers, cameramen and reporters, including a crew from an Iranian TV station all eager to get a shot of Krusty who couldn’t give a shit about the Kurds. (And who frankly offends me)

A group of supporters had already gathered, including one guy wearing a t-shirt sporting the Hoxton slag's slogan "Bliar", and shouting phrases like "House of Criminals" in the direction of the Palace of Westminster…. Oh, finally, the righteous indignation.

Yep…your basic rights as an individual - to protest, to offend….be it politics or religeon....slowly being eroded…to keep us all in check. Awake yet?

So…Could Lord Haw Haw save free speech????

(..dont get too excited - thats a link to the BBC so obviously it isnt the still working on that)


At Wednesday, 24 May, 2006, Anonymous Rastaman said...

So many things to say, and so much space to say it all in..... But I'll desist from verbiage.... maybe....

All that jazz from Ms. Thatcher was very Uh huh and so forth, considering what a load of crap it was. The reason people are losing faith in their politicians is because all the politicians, apparently without exception, just plain suck. They all are chasing agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with properly running the countries they are supposedly helping to govern, they are either completely corrupt or doing their best to become so, and if Democracy in the world is taking a big crap it's because of these self-serving assholes entirely and NOT because Democracy is new and untried and all that gassy effluent.

Your Brian Haw appears to have found himself a clever way to be fed while homeless, by espousing a cause. Chances are he took a crap on the Parliament steps and was too drunk on cheap wine to remember to wipe it up. Good enough reason for making him move on.
On the surface it does sound as if his freedom of expression was curtailed, but then, just how long is anyone allowed to take up a large area of public space, and how large a space? Looks like he was slowly spreading across the breadth of the front of Parliament. A little common sense would have been a good idea there. None of us should have to tolerate a magpie croaking in our ear for 5 years, regardless of the message. Rather than curtailing this guys freedom of expression, it seems to me that he was given an excessively free rein. 3 days of sign-waving would have been more than adequate, but FIVE YEARS? Good lord...

At Wednesday, 24 May, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

OK again totally missing the points. Ill come back to you when ive more time. I know it irks you that she's a Brit but at least bother to read it properly before mouthin off about what a load of 'crap' democracy all is which is what you seem to be implying? Cos thats how it works Rasta and thats what we have to work WITH.

At Wednesday, 24 May, 2006, Blogger Rastaman said...

WHO isn't reading? It doesn't irk me that Thatcher is British, where do you get THAT? I admire the woman for what she did!
I never said Democracy is a load of crap. I didn't mouth off about Democracy being a load of crap. I mouthed off about what Thatcher said being a load of crap. You're skimming. Read what I said. I said that Thatchers speech was a load of crap when she blames everything -except- politicians for the corruption of Democracy. Who could possibly corrupt it EXCEPT the politicians who are supposed to serve it?

I take issue with her act of misdirection, as a politician, by not laying the blame squarely where it belongs, ON POLITICIANS and their corruption, and by her doing this I here call her weak and corrupt. Not altogther by any means but certainly in this instance. This is my opinion, no one has to agree with it.

Alison, are you taking a Feminist view here? Do you think I spoke up on this just to attack a woman? Is that what you think of me? If it is, you should know better by now. I'll attack or defend anyone regardless of gender or religion or whatever, based only on what I feel to be right and wrong. Period.

Women and candy are both dandy. I don't care much for politicians tho, whatever sex they are. Some are definitely better than others but 99 and 44/100ths % pure of them are bums.

At Wednesday, 24 May, 2006, Blogger Rastaman said...

Point: Haw Haw....
This was not Freedom of Expression being attacked, in my view.
This was Freedom of Expression being protected from an abuser of it.

How do we get the general public to go along with curtailing our freedoms? By exposing them to prolonged excess, is one good way. That's why spitting on the sidewalk is outlawed in most places. It's not the spit that was offensive, it was all that chewing tobacco in black, unsightly, foul globs all over the place that people kept stepping in and getting on their clothes, that brought about the law. Now almost no one chews tobacco but the laws remain.
Mr. Haw abused not just Freedom of Expression, but also took up a portion of the public sidewalk in violation, I'm sure, of laws protecting all of you from street vendors who would set up stalls blocking free passage along the street. I have no doubt he had no legal right to be there with all those signs, in the first place, certainly not for five years. The very fact that he was allowed to remain for so long speaks volumes about the level of freedom you actually do have there. No law was passed in order to remove him, I'm sure no new law was needed in order to do so, and the rights of all the rest of you to go freely about your business without being impeded or harangued, was protected.

There are two sides to every story.

At Wednesday, 24 May, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

I was being sarky on the Brit thing.

You seemed to be implying it is crap and id probably go along with that on a bad day.

Feminists view? Attacking her cos shes a woman. No I didnt think that at all. I dislike most feminists. They are mostly now all morally bankrupt. I admire women who make it to the top in what remains a mans world, on merit.

Did you know Nazanin's case is up for review this week. See all the outraged feminists marching in the streets? All the pro rights women with voices on this issue gathered together for the worlds press. No neither did I.

Re Haw Haw - if the rentamob lot thought they were about to lose their right to demo on Iraq they might actually get behind the issue of free speech? As far as he is concerned Im happy he was scooped off the pavement. I hate that permademo shit. He took the piss. I was also referring to Liberty.

At Wednesday, 24 May, 2006, Blogger Rastaman said...

Not real sure what sarky means but I think I get the general drift. Sounds like we actually agree with each other here, we're going to have to be more careful. :)

I have an intense interest in Nazanins situation so thanks for the tip. It's not Muslims I hate, it's Islam and my heart goes out to anyone sentenced, especially, to die by stoning, especially for being the victim of a brutal crime. What a horrible way to leave life. If no one can see the evil in that, they don't deserve to have eyes.

Yes, I know you were referring to Liberty and you have a valid point, which is why I presented my view. I couldn't let such a valid point go unchallenged, now could I?

In reality, there is good and bad in everyone and all things. Yin and Yang together make the whole. Only by examining things piecemeal, tho, are we usually able to see things in the round. So sayeth Rastaman.

At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Blogger Wolfie said...

Concerned that I am over the erosion of freedom in Britain I can't help but come to the conclusion that Mr Haw was the victim of his own inflated ego and self-importance so that over the years he has become a parody of himself who provided no serious support for the anti-war movement. He is a self-appointed straw-man and Westminster eye-sore. Sorry, no sympathy.

At Friday, 26 May, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Guys - i am completely with you - i think the guy is an arse. Nevertheless its interesting to note how much publicity he got along with Liberty point was that noone cares about free speech until it stops them harpin on about iraq...


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