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Thursday, February 09, 2006

It now emerges that the cartoons were published in Egypt – last year. And noone in the muslim world took the slightest bit of notice. Just as noone here took the slightest bit of notice that it was additional cartoons created by Danish imams that had stirred up the hornets nest. As has been circulating on the blogs for some time.

The scoop on the Egyptian press comes c/o Pub Philosopher who is doing an excellent job of rounding up the story as it stands now, you should check it out.

With regard to those poor put upon imams, theyve turned out to be a bunch of Bin Laden fans preaching hatred, a la Hooky, from before 9/11 …”
read on here

"...The Danish imam who helped instigate a protest against satirical drawings of Muhammad that has escalated into deadly riots worldwide supports al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and told Muslim worshipers not to grieve victims of 9-11, according to news reports. Abu Laban reportedly has given political and financial support to the Egyptian terrorist group Gamaa al-Islamiya, which is part of bin Laden's network.

In a Jan. 3 story, the Danish publication Sappho noted Abu Laban also has spoken highly of bin Laden, praising him for his ascetic lifestyle....

In a Aug. 21, 1994, story by Jyllands-Posten, Abu Laban was asked to respond to a massacre by the Algerian terrorist organization GIA. The slaughter led to the murder of, among others, seven Christian Monks and a number of foreign tourists"

...Another program the same evening showed him speaking in English on Danish television in condemnation of the boycott of Danish goods, then, in an interview with the Middle East news channel al-Jazeera, happily remarking in Arabic about how well the boycott was going"...

The plot thickens and id like to know where the press in the west will stand on ‘hurt feelings’ and responsibility now?

(hat tip The Religion of Peace)


At Thursday, 09 February, 2006, Blogger Tica said...

I find the timing of these 'spontanious' protests just a little too convinient. Is it possible that the west's attention is being diverted from something that is far more dangerouse and sinister, like maybe a nuke in Iran that could be launched?

At Thursday, 09 February, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

Maybe. Im not quite sure what it yet means unless they hoped to really polarise anti western feeling in the middle east in the build up to a war and get support from other arab countries? Not really sure.

At Monday, 13 February, 2006, Blogger Chas said...

It is interesting that all of this fired up the very week Iran was being referred to the Security Council, which Denmark will be chairing soon.

At Monday, 13 February, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

yeah i read that somewhere also chas. it all stinks


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