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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The following requires you to think of that anglophile Mel Gibson (with blue paint and Socialist Worker hair and 'behead all english!!' starey eyes), deep breath...then click on the link and have a good laugh.

  • "You can keep our djimmi press but you will never take.....our infidel sense... of humour..aghrrrrrrr!!!!!"....fade

  • Im quite enjoying all this. On Sky you get two muslims, one moderate and one nut job discussing the image of islam in which he (no job except probably incitement) tells her (lawyer) -on live tv- that she is not qualified to discuss the laws of Islam (fatwas etc) because she is not ACTUALLY properly submitting to Islam. Why? Because to be a muslim you must submit to sharia and, he cites as an example, in rocking up to the interview...unveiled, she aint. Furious at this assertion she sets about demolishing his attempts to sidestep questions from the interviewer , classics such as "What do you feel you bring to this country Mr X?", "Will you be isssuing a fatwa on the, er, 25 or so editors and the cartoonist then...well will you?...can you answer the question Mr X?".

    And then the programme is inundated with emails and texts from viewers who generally feel Mr Bakri got what was coming, only possibly not enough. Its always the same. There are so many of us out here sick to the back teeth of radical, blood thirsty Islam. Wed like to move on now. Get over. Frankly. Weve been here for ages but by and large we dont get a voice.

    This is the second interview like this that ive seen in as many days. The PM actually said this evening with an annoyed look on his face that political correctness should not stand in the way of the police making arrests of Fridays protesters. He looked quite cross. The cartoons have allowed people to speak out, including moderate muslims angered by what they see. And for whatever ridiculous, violent, out of proportion, media shit stirred (by the same noble tv stations and media outlets who were acting reponsably by not showing the cartoons, you understand...) reaction going on in the middle east and still like to thank the Danish.

    Now. If i switch over to BBC do you suppose my happy little world will fall apart?


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