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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Food for Thought

As the De Menezes case takes another twist it is worth bearing in mind the words of Efraim Halevy, an ex chief of Mossad, in an article in last years Economist. You can read the full article which touches on WOMD, Iraq, intelligence gathering and the WOT here

"The rules of war are incumbent on the defendant but not on he or she who attacks. International law, the Geneva conventions and the other well-known humanitarian provisions do not apply to the aggressor in this current confrontation. In circumstances like these, the future probably has in store crisis situations the like of which we have never experienced before.

Rather than seeking long-term overhauling and restructuring of the system, and the creation of new high-level slots, surely this is a moment in history when the body politic should swing behind those who are already in the trenches and give them encouragement and support in this fateful battle that has been thrust upon us.

Those who have experienced times of acute crisis know that lines often get blurred and formal functions and positions do not reflect the real influence of various players on the scene. You will find political masters absorbing copious quantities of raw intelligence and forming their own estimates and evaluations of the situation. You will also find intelligence chiefs not only passing on information and assessments, but also advocating specific courses of action. This is simple human nature and no rule or regulation can change it"

Some of this could also apply to the likes of Jack Idema. Generally though I find it worrying that information is constantly leaked to the press for the latest 'shock arent we shit!' media scoop.


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