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Friday, January 27, 2006

I'M Spartacus! And Im gay by the way.

This week in the UK, everyone’s gay.

The Sun: “Im gay too”.

The E.S “Im gay!”


“My Gay Affairs!”.

Gay gay gay gay gayyyyyy.

This is in relation to some revelation that Wet Dem MP Simon Hughes denied he was gay, ‘lied’ and actually… is in fact gay.

Well, hurray! SO glad that’s settled.

Thing is all this media snooping and probing about what MPs, Cabinet members and Presidents get up to in their private lives: drug taking, being gay, shagging secretary’s and interns, cheating on wives…is it really in the public interest? Does it have an incredibly important effect on how they shape policies?

Do you suppose Cameron is still off his head from his party days as he decides to steer the party to the centre, or is it simply just that he’s a leftie at heart, having lived in London too long. Actually don’t answer that! But a sudden revelation that the young MP DID what every other person in London IS still doing is old news. They all manage to keep making high flying decisions in the City/West End whilst theyre still coked off the heads after all. And if you are worried about the message to the yoof well how about you …don’t break the story?

The ex Lib Dems leader, as much as I dislike him, managed his press interviews quite well with a hang over (I think,…bit sweaty, mumbling at times but still remembered his silly policies).

Really - so what if an MP is gay but couldn’t quite handle the media’s obsession with his sexuality? Which is what it amounts to.

Im not interested what they do behind closed doors. Its not in my interest. I don’t expect him to be forced into an admission either and sneered at for handling it badly. That doesn’t make me question his political judgement. It makes me wonder how anyone manages our media.

The fact that the media like to catch people out and then break the story as though it were the b-all and end all, is more of an indication of their sad demented tittering little hangs up than the people they are pursuing.

Take for example, the other (less important I suppose) ‘revelation’ that Sven thinks the Premiership is riddled with corruption – helpful, isn’t it that they choose to break this story just as we approach the World Cup. Just as they did with Beckham before the Euros. And we all saw what happened to him as a result - though he said then as they all say now - it wont have any effect at all. They would wouldn’t they? Its not as if they will come clean and say “Sven wont bother turning up for training now and we aren’t all that sure he isn’t taking backhanders for his next management job in…Germany/Brazil. We don’t trust him now and well…basically we think we might lose”.

OK so maybe Becks is fair game – along with overpaid Hollywood prima donnas. But Becks’ get out clause is that people really do want their home team to win important matches.

So yes thanks for that. I happen to like sport, football and was sorta, kinda rooting for the HOME team. And I suspect there was more of an overall feeling of the latter from Joe Public - as we rapidly approach the biggest party on the planet - than a desire to rush out and pay to see what Sven says to a feik sheik.

We certainly like to build em up and tear em down in the UK.

I suppose it’s good that the Lib Dems look stupid – but its sad that it takes a story like this rather than their ridiculous policies to make them look….well, ridiculous.

Just as it’s sad that it takes Big Bloody Brother to make Britain’s most demented, egotistical, vile rapist/terrorist/torturer worshipping ‘MP’ look like the idiot we all knew him to be.

Freedom of the press is often lauded about like the most precious freedom we have and yet it is consistently ‘abused’ and wittled down to no more than a token giggling nod to what should be an important tool.

The media is dumbing down the public into apathetic zombies – where nothing matters except Galloway prancing like a prat in a leotard or Simon Hughes being gay. As long as they vote, pay to read about it and someone somewhere gets rich stuff the fact that, for example, the UK has less and less political tour de forces and that come the next election we’ll have ZERO choice. (That worked out really well in Palestine this week).

Then again The Telegraph were totally justified in their position regards Galloway and remain so. But we shouldn’t expect a silly judge to note that THAT might be in the public interest now should we.


At Friday, 27 January, 2006, Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

You know, I've been thinking the same thing. Although it's good to see the Treason Party implode, it is annoying that it's over trivia like boozing and uphill gardening rather than the very unpleasant things the Lib Dumbs actually believe.

That said, all this reminds me a little bit of the Major years -- I kind of thought the British press had grown out of these silly 'scandals'.

At Saturday, 28 January, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The public are largely, apathetic zombies...answer me how did Ken Livingstone get into did Galloway come into the public eye despite his dubious past...democratically voted in by zombies!

At Saturday, 28 January, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

I dont disagree - guilty as charged - all we on the right do is moan on in apathy whilst the liberals stride into the future & comfortably aided by the media shape their nanny state along + a zombiefied electorate. You have to start somewhere and rooting out the rot in the media is as good a place as any.


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