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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Its pay day on Monday. Meanwhile guess who's stuck in on a Saturday night....

I would never have thought 6 months ago that there were so many like minded individuals out there fed up with the same things as me. I mean Id be out and about and I’d meet loads of people who’d say they were but then everyone voted sodding Labour/Livingstone and you’d think ‘what the f happened there then?’ Nor would I have imagined meeting so many Republicans. I spend most of my day working with and listening to Democrats. Then one day i googled something about, im not sure, July 7 i think and i discovered someones' blog.

As Monica over at Grizzly Mama said recently the blogosphere is an opportunity to discover more - and we’re still discovering. You can uncover a new perspective on what people think here in the UK for example.

Obviously I am utterly fed up with PC madness, multi culti ethics, ‘minority’ pandering, empty liberal thinking, Labour, most certainly Ken, definitely Galloway and a spattering of other loons. I wait in vain for a new Thatcher or Elizabeth 1. Im not fervently anti Europe. I keep an open mind as Ive lived there and have family there and in the US - which makes for a giant learning curve all round. Oh and im not a republican. I like the Queen.

I am far removed from the left wing perception of a right winger. He who shall remain nameless arrived here on a crappy student visa 4 years ago and didn’t go back because of me. It hasn’t been an easy journey for either me or the Brazilian. And I actually believe that he has become so pissed off himself for the same reasons I am, about ‘other’ visitors to our country/PC bull, Nu Labour, that to listen to him sometimes you’d think he ran a more fervent section of the BNP. He is an example of how to come here and make something of yourself (legally) as my family did - and put something back. But I could easily have been a liberal or Victoria Meldrew and by now he’d be telling me the UK was crap and claiming benefit/working illegally.

I try to keep an open mind on many issues. I do loathe constant Brit bashing and self hatred. I don’t want the media to create their self-fulfilling phrophecies either. Show enough anti American sentiment and then ‘make it so’.

I’d like to hope that a variety of blogs become the many sources for a revolution! Link away.


At Monday, 30 January, 2006, Blogger Tom Tyler said...

"I would never have thought 6 months ago that there were so many like minded individuals out there fed up with the same things as me".
- that echoes my own thoughts, after discovering "yada yada yada dot bogspot com" this year! I just wonder for how long it will be allowed to continue unchecked. I'm sure the current powers that be consider the blogosphere as "a form of expression which must soon be checked and legislated against".

At Tuesday, 31 January, 2006, Blogger Mike's America said...

If you went to Monica at Grizzly Mama's blog, you went to the right place for a reality check.

At Tuesday, 31 January, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

Oh its not me that needs the reality check - i see the so called weenies as the same - everywhere. You might not have them in power at the moment but they can be just as destructive OFF the pitch.


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