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Friday, January 27, 2006

Foxier News' 'Bleedin Obvious'

You can keep LOST and you can certainly keep BONES. And re runs of FRIENDS and FRASIER. But I will definitely take the US style TV news debating programmes. Imagine how the current idiotic remarks by Commissioner Blair Out Any Old Nonsense would play out on lets call it -Foxier News:

Alison: Can you BELIEVE the latest jaw dropping remarks by our very PC PC Commissioner Blair? I mean the guy truly has LOST the plot!

Cavalier: Yeah Alison im with you on that one. I mean whats with the guy?

Alison: I guess one things for sure – you can believe it when he said he wasn’t aware of the de Menezes shooting, and slept right through it - which by the way was accidental if youre smart and a murder if youre a Socialist Worker.

Cavalier- or homeless

Cavalier: Huh huh. If the guy managed to miss the late summers biggest story on Anthony Walker then he truly must have been asleep for de Menezes.

Alison: Viewers wont need to be reminded that Commissioner Blair is suggesting racist bias on news reporting over the Soham murders – the murder of two little (white – like that mattered) girls a few years back. That TOO much attention was given over to the murders because..youve guessed it – they were white! Nothing to do with the nature of this horrendous crime at all eh Neil?

Cavalier – Huh huh, presumably he was unaware of the enormous coverage given over to the Anthony Walker murder case, citing only ONE recent example - which lets just say, dominated the headlines late last summer eclipsing the horrific murder of a white man by a black teenager on a no 19 bus in Islington. A crime police allege was not in the LEAST bit racially motivated!

Alison: Yeah – what WAS that poor guys name again?

Cavalier – Or perhaps he’d like to reflect on Damilola Taylor or Stephen Lawrence. Or even -dare I say it- how much emphasis was placed on de Menzezes’ nationality. Like it mattered.

We say forget the apology – this guy really shows ya just how low the left will stoop to keep suggesting this country -which is what he was REALLY implying - yep you know it - is ‘raaaaciiiiist’!

Alison – Uh huh. Gives em something to chatter about Neil ~ keeps em in a job.


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