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Monday, February 06, 2006

  • Precisely Tony


    At Tuesday, 07 February, 2006, Blogger Tom Tyler said...

    There are times when I just want to open the window, grab a megaphone and simply scream "F*** Islam" at the top of my voice. There are times when I am almost ashamed to say that I daydream about mushroom clouds over Mecca, Iran, Saudi and every other Islamic state. There are times when I am glad that The Sun published the name and town of that Islamof**kwanker who dressed up as a suicide bomber on that "protest" march, (and I am happy to add to the database of knowledge that he is employed as a manager at Londis in Bedford), and I hope someone out there uses Google, and to pinpoint his address and "take direct action" and declare a British "fatwa" on the paedophile-prophet-worshipping little C***, preferrably with a sword dipped in swine blood. This week is one of those times. Sorry, it's just the way I feel right now. Sod the "Sam Tyler" approach, it's time for the "Gene Hunt" method to be used on these bastards, if you get the reference.

    At Tuesday, 07 February, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

    Free speech may have been killed off here and in the US Tom but its just about alive and kicking elsewhere..and thanks to them we can hope for some change and for the jihadists to stop fucking it up for everyone else.

    If the results with all these riots and demos are ugly and nasty then to me at least thats militant islam showing the world that it 'does exactly what it says on the tin'. A shunt in the right direction.

    At Wednesday, 08 February, 2006, Blogger DV said...

    Says it all. The fate of Dhimmis, that's why we need to fight back.


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