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Monday, February 06, 2006

Clips from the worlds press: The Sun left featured the protester who dressed as a suicide bomber in London on its front cover with the headline NICK HIM. He has since been forced into a public apology

SunTimes (US):-

Sensitivity can have brutal consequences

"One day, years from now, as archaeologists sift through the ruins of an ancient civilization for clues to its downfall, they'll marvel at how easy it all was. You don't need to fly jets into skyscrapers and kill thousands of people. As a matter of fact, that's a bad strategy, because even the wimpiest state will feel obliged to respond. But if you frame the issue in terms of multicultural "sensitivity," the wimp state will bend over backward to give you everything you want -- including, eventually, the keys to those skyscrapers..."

Telegraph (UK):-

  • Why extremists treat us with contempt
  • "British subjects march through the streets of the capital calling for their fellow citizens to be "beheaded", "massacred" and "annihilated". A two-year-old girl born in this country is dressed up in an "I Heart Al-Qaida " cap. Demonstrators call for "a real holocaust", with the horrible insinuation of holocaust-deniers everywhere: that the genocide never took place, but that it should have done.

    There was a time when all this might have been dismissed as empty rhetoric. But the past five years have swept away any such innocence. British boys have left Tipton and Wanstead and Beeston to fight and kill their fellow citizens - whether in Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan or London..".

    And kudos to Graham Norton on BBCs The Bigger Picture tonight looking at current affiars with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Extremely witty deconstruction of the entire overreaction hauling our fancy dress loving pacifist above into the joke aswell. Coming from a gay comedian on the BBC bet that went down well with the jihad brigade (if they were watching).


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