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Thursday, February 02, 2006

No Euroweenies today



Real American

Listen to the number of times Bush refers to the western values of freedom & democracy in his excellent State of the Nation speech in the above link. Then read Clinton’s comparison of those lame cartoons to…wait for it…the historical rise of anti-Semitism! ‘Outrageous cartoons’ he wailed verbally wagging his finger. Warning us of rising anti Islamic feeling and predjudice.

You think anti semitism is a thing of the past already? It must have slipped past you that the religeon you are championing isnt quite over that one yet. Whats outrageous is the rise in anti western feeling Bill, and the random death that goes hand in black glove. It affects everyone.

Er, It affects America. The brave decision to publish the cartoons is precisely related TO fighting intolerance.

Frankly with helpful comments like these it’s a relief that we don’t have to listen to Bill Clinton too much anymore. But think his speeches dont have any impact? Think again. The world loves to watch an ex President undermine the present one. Which is what he was doing. It gives succour to liberals and islamofacsists alike.

The camera flicked over to Hillary C during Bushes speech. She was chewing gum. In a speech that made reference to and introduced a family whose son made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq - for all those freedoms we are seeking to protect. It was pretty clear Hillarys mind was elsewhere for a change.

Well Clinton may be busy appeasing islamofacsists alongside members of the Labour party, but Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and Spain put on an important united front regards freedom today. Die Welt, France Soir (above) and a number of other major newspapers across Europe published the cartoons on their front pages today in a show of solidarity in the name of a free press and the societies they represent. In the UK im proud to say our ancient Parliament did its job in protecting us from the same sort of appeasers as Bill. And in the US Bush sent a crystal clear message to Iran and the rest of the world.

However much Christians find the Life of Brian or the Da Vinci Code insulting or blasphemous, they wont be issuing death threats, removing Ambassadors (if that were technically possible!) or planting bombs. It is unlikely we will have ex Presidents up in arms, undoing the firm message of the current US President.

Bill, the rise in any feeling of misunderstanding comes about as a direct result of their intolerance. Not ours. So just pipe down in the cheap seats and leave it to Bush.

France Soir, incidentally was born out of the French resistance. Part of a network of papers that continued to circulate during the occupation - with many editors and journalists of the resistance press executed by the Nazis as a result.

Its front page (above) says

"Oh calm down Mohammed weve all been cariacatured here"


At Saturday, 04 February, 2006, Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

"It was pretty clear Hillarys mind was elsewhere for a change."

She was probably wondering, 'How the f*ck can I persuade more than 16% of Americans to vote for me? God, but I'm more scewed than Monica.'

At Sunday, 05 February, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

Lol. Probably.

Shame but predictable that our governments here and the US went for the Clintonspeak also.


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