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Friday, August 11, 2006

Galloway alienates Students Union

In the Evening Standard tonight (no link) they are reporting that Galloway is no longer Mr poster boy for the normally stridently left wing National Union of Students. Thats an achievement even by his standards!

In declaring at the pro Hitzbollah rallies that "Hitzbollah has never been a terrorist organisation" the students decided he had gone too far. They noted the opposite - that Hitzbollah has been implicated in numerous attacks ....specifying the 'bombing of the Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires in 1994 in which 94 people died'. (I'm not clear as to whether they made mention of the 'if the Jews all gather in Israel' remarks from Nasrallah).

They are writing to the Respect party to 'denounce its stance on the Middle East'.

Commendable. Some elements of the Left it seems are realising that the likes of Galloway and Respect on the left of the politocal spectrum are an embarrasment - and more importantly a destructive evil prescence here.

Galloway and Respect are furious.

"The executive of the NUS has shown itself to be as out of touch with public opinion and I must assume student opinion in this country as Tony Blair"

"It has chosen to play puerile politics by attacking the most outspoken anti war MP at a time of crisis"

Oh the sweet irony!


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