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Friday, August 11, 2006

Free Speech for Some

Here's another example of free speech being eroded.

"HSBC bank has been found guilty of racism after one staff member overheard another say she hated foreigners.

Supervisor Debbie Jones' remarked that she supported politician Robert Kilroy-Silk because he wanted to 'get rid of the foreigners'.

But her comments were made in earshot of colleague Ruby Schembri, a 35-year-old Maltese national, who reported the incident and took the bank to an employment tribunal claiming race discrimination.

Mrs Schembri told an employment tribunal that she was in the branch office close to her home in Welwyn Garden City, Herts, when she heard Miss Jones talking to assistant manager Rosemary Johnstone in April last year, just before the general election.

She said: "Debbie asked Rosemary if she supported the Tory or Labour party and bluntly stated 'I am against immigration'."

This woman is entitled to her opinion. She is being criminalised for expressing a privately held opinion. Her crime is that she is not expressing her opinion as covertly as George Galloway or as eloquently as any other MP who suggests immigration is an issue.

The radical hate preaching Imams make their animosity towards the British and West plain for all to see. The latest crop of terrorists were all capitivated by the likes of Al Muhajiroun a militant organisation headed by radical cleric Omar Bakri, based out of Walthamstow. Freely allowed to preach outright if its lieutenants Abdul Muhid was arrested and charged for calling for the slaughter of British troops in Iraq and that homosexuals be thrown off cliffs ... the case was later dropped. The results of such slow to react decisions here are playing out on the news at the moment. Many of those arrested came from Walthamstow.

However if you happen to be a white 'lower middle class' woman expressing a privately held point of view then all hell breaks lose.

There is a special status given to minorities, radical hate preaching Imams and the likes of British MPs such as Galloway who regularly spout anti-Jewish anti West diatribes freely at political rallies (thinly disguised, in Galloways case as 'anti Zionist', so he can get away with it). yet an ordinary member of the public is held up in court and fined for expressing a privately held point of view.

The liberal elite are penalising the lower middle class/anti immigration contingent who will, without being able to express themselves properly, start to use their vote to do so.

Then the Left wonder why the BNP are gaining a foothold.


At Saturday, 12 August, 2006, Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

You can't say you dislike foreigners? How about when they try to take out airliners with cans of Lucozade? Or self-detonate on tubes and buses? Or stand in the centre of London waving Hez flags?

Damn, but it's a good thing that I stick to hatred of radical Muslims, isn't it?

At Saturday, 12 August, 2006, Anonymous Maggie said...

There is always a 'foreigner' around who wants to exploit the compensation culture we have in the UK. It makes me sick, and I know there is a huge undercurrent of feeling amonst the UK indigenous population. Remember (past tense because of drought and other situations)the ordinary folk, who mowed the lawn, washed their cars on a Sunday, went down the pub, walked their dogs. English people who are now being subjugated to the most draconian laws on free speech in order for a bunch for foreigners uninvited and deeply unpopular to inhabit the UK. Where are you ...the silent majority, phone, write email the BBC and other left winged institutions and make your feelings known. As I understand it our foreign policy must be changed otherwise we will get bombed into eternity. Can't even say bombed into next Christmas because Christmas is off the agenda.

At Saturday, 12 August, 2006, Anonymous Maggie said...

The indigenous English are aware, the indigenous English hate the situation which has over taken over their country. The UK now has some of the most draconian laws, all aimed to keep the ordinary Brit (true Brit) in line and not cast any nasty asperstions on the foreigners who have invaded their country. This is all backed up by the Left and politically correct society which is supreme in the UK. The Police have been labelled 'institutionally racist' whatever the hell that means. The muslims want to dictate foreign policy and believe me they will get away with it.

There was once a time we lived in a place called England, mowed the lawn on a Sunday, washed the car, took the dog for a walk went down the pub, all the time knowing who our neighbours were and the North of England was peopled by northerners with strange accents but neverhtless British. Now we have towns in the North of England which look totally alien and more akin to the third world. There is a muslim school in a pretty'green belt' village where the pupils wear their own national costume. They are taught the intricasies of Islam and presumably how to get a job in the UK...yeah right. They come to the UK because it is a soft touch for handouts and benefits. The women in lots of cases still wear the burqa, for what reason, to continue to demonstrate they are women and therefore second class. Honour killings are rife in the UK.
The police can't make a move without 'an advisor' for race relations.

There is a muttering amongst the natives at last...tiny murmerings, voting for the BNP (something akin to Le Pen in France) but it is there. I have heard English people say I have to put what is happening to the UK to the back of my mind otherwise I would go mad! I would steal a line from another time, another country but so relevant in the case of the UK....Cry the Beloved Country. (posted on Mike of America)
Maggie | 08.12.06 - 8:12 am | #

At Sunday, 13 August, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

Great comment Maggie - I think this latest 'letter' has pushed things too far. The indigenous population has been tolerant, patient and accepting and this is how they are repaid. The alien culture you speak of is totally down to the Left and its policies of multi culturalism..reap what you sow.

At Sunday, 13 August, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

RP - Nope but you can say you dislike the West, our values and our foreign policy in no uncertain terms...and get away with it..violently


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