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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

“We should ask ourselves why the English buy our houses in the Dordogne, in the Périgord ... and in many other regions. The answer is simply because the British GDP is 10 per cent greater than the French and that the standard of life of the British is higher than that of the French”

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Interior Minister, in praise of the British and with 'a stark message for his countrymen'

“We have committed the immense error of undermining work. When someone who works does not have a better life than someone who does not work, why should he get up in the morning?”

"The French need to work harder and display less arrogance, if they are to recapture former glories, Sarkozy tells his countrymen in a highly personal 281-page book published yesterday. Just as they embark on their long summer break, he has a blunt message for them: the holiday is over.

The Times article goes on to comment 'if Americans opt for presidents who enshrine success and opportunity, French voters prefer heads of state with experience of pain and failure. M Sarkozy, who is 51 — relatively young for a French presidential candidate — says that he now has just that' .

Presumably they mean the 'success and opportunity'.

Sarkozy all the way! I hope.


At Tuesday, 18 July, 2006, Anonymous Maggie said...

Have you noticed how Chirac is siding with the Russians what a little shit he is. Going to make his mark in history one way or the other. De Villepin is in Lebanon showing 'solidary' with the Lebanese. Has anyone got the co-ordinates!....please

At Tuesday, 18 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

I hope he's showing his solidarity in a clearly identifiable Hezbollah stronghold (bit harsh?)

George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac were relaxing in a Parisian sauna. Suddenly, there was a distinct beeping sound.

President Bush pressed his forearm with his thumb & the beeping stopped. The others looked curiously at him. "Oh, that was just my pager", said George. "I have a microchip embedded under the skin of my forearm."

Two minutes later, the silence was broken by the sound of a phone ringing. Tony Blair lifted the palm of his hand to his ear & the ringing stopped. The Prime Minister explained, "That was my cell phone, chaps. I have a telecom chip implanted in the palm of my hand.

"By this time, French president Jacques Chirac was feeling sort of low-tech. Without saying anything, he quickly scooted out of the sauna, but returned momentarily. When he returned, Bush and Blair both stared at him increduously.

It appeared that a long piece of toilet paper was dangling from the Frenchman's posterior.

When Jacques saw that he had the attention of the other two men, he feigned astonishment: "Marie sainte! I'm think I'm getting a fax."

OK its old but still relevant.

At Wednesday, 19 July, 2006, Blogger MonicaR said...

LOL! I hadn't heard that one before. It's cute.

I am reading an article in my beloved Weekly Standard about that effeminate looking Villepin guy. He's a bad one. Bad news. I keep falling asleep before I finish the article but I'll get it read all the way through soon! Then I can tell you all about it. Something about accounts with some Clearstream thing. Oh. Something like that.

At Wednesday, 19 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Monica there is a good Clearstream recap link on this post here

I like the way the blogger calls Villepin - Vile Pin


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