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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Britain's First Suicide Bombers

BBC tonight 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm 90mins

"This film follows the extraordinary journey of the two young British Islamist terrorists who emerged from the suburbs of Derby and Hounslow to bomb a seaside bar in Tel Aviv in April 2003. It reveals previously unknown evidence of how Omar Sharif Khan and Asif Hanif became embroiled in radical politics and how they were involved in a wider network of British Jihadists.

Hanif died in his own explosion and Omar's body was found a fortnight later in the sea off Israel. Three members of Omar's family were later prosecuted - and acquitted - under the Terrorism Act for their alleged knowledge of the atrocity. This programme contains some scenes which some viewers may find upsetting."

Plenty for Joe Public via the MSM finally. (And on the BBC). Sorry but none of this glamorising it via some film at the cinema which people have to make the effort to go along to see. As 'cool' an idea as this may seem. What's needed is to get the cold hard message across in people's living rooms. No escape. Which seemed to be the case tonight.

Clearly conveyed points for lefty to mull over, too tired right now for details:

-Motivated, thrilled and inspired by 9/11
-They were well educated, intelligent
-Their absolute commitment to Islam
-University based terror groups radicalised them
-Their ignorance over Israel was remarked upon by Hamas militants showing them round before the attacks.
-The links they had to senior AQ personnel

And then, starkly after the comments on their ignorance on Israel, their video suicide note exhibited the usual confident anti Israeli rhetoric as if they REALLY 'understood' what they were going on about. Would fool most leftys.

Contrary to ludicrous academic suggestions that this was all about some sort of disaffection and machismo, it was the absolute and unflinching faith in Allah and the afterlife - worship of a deathcult syndrome - that came across in steady cold measures tonight. No ranting. Just constant talk of lifes's 'tests', how rubbish this life is, of 'Paradise' and 'trusting in Allah'.

Sidique Khan's video note came on at the end.

"My brothers and sisters in the west you will not be at peace until Allahs Sharia reigns over these lands"

Mohammad Sidique Khan collaborated with Omar Sharif and Hanif Asif to recruit young Muslims for terror training camps in Afghanistan four years before he and his bomber buddies blew themselves up on the tube. Khan and others were seeking to spread `Dawa' -- a form of evangelical preaching of Islam.

Khan also visited Israel on February 19, 2003, two months before the Tel Aviv bombing. A real clear indication that we can expect to learn more about Khans links to Al Qaeda in the future.

The programme ended with the sombre if obvious remark

"Perhaps these actions should have signalled warning signs of what was to come".

Great piece in The Times again.:-

"Muslim complaints about being victimised are perversely directed. Muslims are victims of the bombers, not of the state or the police. It is the terrorists who make Muslims potential objects of suspicion and fear because the bombers murder in the name of Islam. Muslims have every right to be outraged, but their fury should focus on the men of violence".

"There are those who in the interests of community relations denounce linking the word Islamic to “violence” or “extremism”. They object that we did not call the IRA “Catholic terrorists”, nor do we speak of “Christian extremism” or link Christian fundamentalism to violence. There are good reasons for that. Although the IRA is rooted in the Catholic community, its aims are political and secular. Although there certainly are Christian extremists today, just now they are not murdering people in the name of purifying the world. By contrast, across the globe human beings are being slaughtered in large numbers by Muslims quoting from the Koran and vowing death to infidels, including other Muslim sects. Their objectives are political and religious"

"So to try to condemn the expression “Islamic violence” is a dangerous attempt at censorship that would hamper our understanding of the threat we face. The term is certainly offensive to Muslims, but the offence is caused by the bombers, not by those who describe the process".

"The prime minister’s exhortation was valid. The bombers are not casualties of British society. Shehzad Tanweer, the Aldgate murderer, was only 22 yet left £121,000 after tax. The bombers’ grievances cannot be bought off with more money for schools or a new youth centre. They were corrupted, I assume, by theoreticians of annihilation from within their community. Their training was probably perfected in an Al-Qaeda camp in Pakistan.

I think tonights documentary underlined this over and over. I hope we continue to see more of this in the MSM.

Still a way to go though. Tonight Islamic terrorists attack and murder in India ~ to destabilise its secular democracy. But so far all ive seen from the MSM is this usual depersonification of terrorism - 'bombs kill 136'.

Just random 'bombs'.

At least The Times managed to squeeze the word terror into its headline today though eh.


At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Anonymous Enid said...

Another good piece Alison. Did you by any chance catch the BBC's reporting of the horrific mutilation of the two US soldiers captured in Iraq tortured to death and then their bodies mutilated. The BBC started the report by informing viewers the mutilations were too horrific to be shown on air. They then then launched into the story that this only happened as a result of the alleged rape of an Iraqi girl (by the same platoon of soldiers) and murder of her family. This was as if to justify the butchery of these soldiers by a bunch of neanderthals. Balls rape in Islam has to be witnessed by at least four males and even then the woman is deemed guilty and killed! Good old BBC let's stand up for these godforsaken animals at all costs. After all must be fair in reporting even if the facts re the rape by the USA soldiers has not been proved. I also understand the USA government wants to have the bodies of the Iraqis murdered exhumed and this is proving to be difficult for the Iraqis - I wonder why. The sooner we get their evil society out of Europe the happier we will be.

At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

You are right about rape under Sharia. And under US law if found guilty they would have been prosecuted. Thats some 'if' acc to the NYT ( i hate that paper as much as the BBC but will give it the botd on this one).

But to these guys thats not barbaric enough.

Israel has launched an offensive on Lebanon and the BBC are trying to justify their kidnapping antics again - they DID ask for prisoners to be released first! So that's all right then!?

As for Europe - frankly i think there are islamists hiding under rocks everywhere and nowhere is free of them. Ive yet to see ANY government ANYWHERE stand up to the PC culture that permits it. And i include the US in that.

At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...


BBC "But Hezbollah spokesman Hussein Nubulsi told the BBC his organisation wanted to exchange the soldiers for Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli jails".

They're missing the word 'just' arent they?

At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New post about Israel kicking arse please!!

You know you want to.

At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most popular article at Comment is Free.

To the death

Radical Islamism is more than a response to western actions: it is an ideology that provides a battle cry and a battle order.

Are people beginning to open their eyes and ears and stop listening to the Guardianistas?

At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1st comment;

Mr Lloyd, you are my new hero. To come on to CiF and suggest perhaps Muhammed, not Blair, is to blame? What cojones! Not since Daniel preached to the lions have I come across a more brave effort although probably an equally unrewarding one.


At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Blogger Rastaman said...

Good post. Glad to see your media FINALLY telling it like it is. This is great progress! This is exactly why I keep harping away on your blogs. Now I suggest we all start doing the same on Canadian blogs.

Alison, you carried a complaint about me to my blog so I'll take this one back to you on your blog, fair is fair.
Had to laugh, I finally got a rise out of you. I was beginning to wonder if you were ill.
Alison, stop being so self-protective, that you think counter-attacking is a valid form of argument. Don't go after me, go after the issues I raise. What I tried to do there was raise your collective awareness and insulting me for doing so is useless, pointless and counter-productive. As for "One Person", he said the US. If he meant the Allied forces he would have said so and being an apologist for your friend is just denial.
When I first started commenting on a few of the Brit blogs I seemed to draw a crowd of jackasses who thought it would be great fun to "take the piss", I believe is the ugly expression, from the American. It took awhile to get the morons to back off and for the rest of you to start looking at a different point of view from across the sea. It's easy to develop insular points of view but also dangerous. We live in a dangerous time and need to keep our minds open to all possibilities. The purpose of my "ham fisted", I believe you called them, comments is to break through that obvious insularity. I have zero interest in insulting strangers I will never actually meet. I have a great interest in getting you to look at yourselves through my eyes. You don't have to agree with the view but I do hope it's sufficient to startle you. We may just need each other in the near future, you know what I mean?
Frankly, Alison, I've about given up on commenting on your site because of your penchant for responding with insults. This is NOT about a competition of some sort between Great Britain and the United States, or between you and I. Football games are time enough for dissension.

"Oh FFS Rasta. I posted a reply under your (not in the least bit stereotyping/patronising Brits) post on your blog."

Yes, you did, and yes, I go after British sore spots. So? Alison, I know you read my blog, doesn't the fact that I go after US sore spots with equal zeal register with you?

I've told you before. I'm the Devils Advocate. Insulting me is a waste of time. Speak to the issues. I know you can, I've seen you do it.

At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

My penchant for responding with 'insults'


You mean I called you on your tactics Rasta eg sweepingly patronising and stereotyping to 'get a rise' out of me as you have stated yourself. Why do you even need to? Check out the image on the right - pro US.

The same tactics are used by the left in their anti-american diatribes and weve enough on our hands dealing with that. If you wish to use those tactics then by all means do so on blogs that merit it - lefty ones for example.

The media, particularly the Times of late has been running a nos of pieces and exposes. All good. The surprise was the BBCs documentary.

At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

J0nz -

'Are people beginning to open their eyes and ears and stop listening to the Guardianistas?'

The recommended comments section of the Beebs 'have your say' looked pretty good earlier too :)

At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Anonymous Steve said...

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At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Blogger Rastaman said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Friday, 14 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Sorry Rasta but i deleted the last bunch of fatuous comments b/c...well I can! The argument is chez vous and over at Pub Philosopher. it doesnt need to be everywhere and is better off under your post about the tea drinking Brits. Not under this one about Suicide Bombers. Copying and pasting my comments into this post was a bit OTT.


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