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Monday, June 26, 2006

Whats the Solution?

My initial reaction is as always to express support for the war but this is an interesting question nonetheless. And since its my sister asking naturally she deserves your attention. She only makes a post about once a month -or two- so we'll have to work on that! ;)


At Tuesday, 27 June, 2006, Blogger Rastaman said...

I disagree with those who say we can't leave Iraq until a democracy is established there. These are MUSLIMS, they are ruled by their religion. Even the most secular Islamic country still is dominated by some form of Islam. Islam at its most lenient will allow only a very limited form of democracy and that will always be under fire. Saddam was able to FORCE all the various Islamic sects to knuckle under through torture and violence. This is how all Islamic countries are conquered and ruled. It's what they know. It's Islam. That's how they were 1000's of years before Islam came along and we think we can go in there now and force them into democracy, all peaceful and lovey-dovey, in a few years? It's an hallucination.
Consider: The minority Sunnis are currently fighting the Shiite majority for control. The Sunnis are the insurgents who want to re-establish the old Baathist government. All the other fighters and terrorists that keep pouring in are there to fight US. The West. They have little to no chance of winning out against both the Sunnis and Shias, who would unite against them if we were out. That's not why they're there anyway. They just want to thwart our efforts.
The Iraqis themselves want to see us out in spite of "polls". You can get any kind of poll results you want by simply asking the right questions worded the right way. Spare me the slanted polls. They give us positive marks only because they respect our ability to kill. They respect agressive, violent dominance.
They do want a government where Shias and Sunnis share power instead of just Sunnis, but not one that makes room for Sufis and Baha'i Faith and the others too. They still want to be able to kill those people on sight, as usual, and that is NOT democracy. They will still want to chop off hands and feet and heads, they will still want to buy and sell humans and have child brides. That's not democracy. Do you really think we can force our form of democracy down their throats in light of this, and how long do you think a government like that would last with these people? About as long as it took for us to leave the country, and they would be shooting the last of us as we were trying to scramble onto the airplanes.

If we got out of Iraq TODAY, all the invading terrorists would go home and the Sunnis and Shias would battle it out EXACTLY AS THEY ARE DOING NOW, only without any loss of life to us and without the incredible drain on the treasuries of the West.
Then perhaps we could put our energies into a more productive effort against the true, ACTUAL sources of TERRORISM. Remember what this war was supposed to be about? Terrorism? Iran and Saudi Arabia are the original and primary founts of terrorism and what are we doing about them? Nothing. We appease them. We blink every time Iran makes a quick movement. We grovel in gratitude for Saudi Arabias oil.
Iraq is not the problem and we shouldn't be there. We should be at war with Iran and Saudi Arabia.

At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006, Blogger vodkatonic said...

So having gone in there in the first place and pulled the country to pieces, we now just up and leave? You don't think that would add fuel to the flames and result in a far more aggressive recruitment of Muslims willing to support terrorism around the world? Wouldn't that give them all the more reason?

There's NO WAY we can just bugger off now leaving the country open to civil war. What do you think that would tell the rest of the world about the West - and the USA in particular?

What about Iran and their hunger for nuclear weapons? What message would that send them? That we're too wimpy to finish what we started? Not such a great message to a nation hell bent on governing the middle east to satisfy their thirst for the control of oil. They shot missiles at Iraqi tankers 20 years ago and took the USA to put American flags on their ships and dare them to shoot to put a stop to them. And now they're wanting nuclear weapons?

No - walking out ins't the answer. I agree we're not going to force a democracy any time soon. Unfortunately, we're now in this for the long haul and better get used to it. Because until we find a way to make other sources of power - which we already have - more affordable for everyone, then we're tied to that god-forsaken part of the world from here on in.

At Saturday, 08 July, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Sorry i missed your comment VodkaTon

interesting debate here


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