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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ken intends to celebrate or is that commemorate July 7 with IslamExpo in London. It practically opens on the day the religion was used to justify the random murder of commuters on the tube. Speakers and participants include the Muslim Brotherhood and members of Respect – Yvonne Ridley for example - who recently contributed to the ‘argument’ against islamophobia by inciting more of the same - requesting very specific non cooperation with the police in East London.

There are a spattering on non Islamist speakers at the event for good measure. I havent see much by way of write ups and advertising to the wider population so I cant imagine its doing much to break down barriers of misunderstanding (it was initially billed as a celebration of the diversity of Islamic culture). As a result it smacks to me as more of a pretty unsavoury political conference given the prescence of some. Nice one Ken.

The Family Funzone is an interesting diversion – nothing very islamic about Sumo wrestling or bungee trampolining.

This might be a interesting reminder of what wont be discussed. Go check it out.


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