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Saturday, May 06, 2006

From English Conservative (link below)

"My Borough picked up a single BNP councillor at the expense of a Tory. Our neighbours - Barking and Dagenham - got 11 with a 12th seemingly likely. Yesterday I listened to a Labour councillor waxing stupidly about how that Party's voters are simply racists proving, as he did so, that at least some Labour members do not recognise that branding every white who does not like uncontrolled immigration and his own second class place in the process as a racist is actually fuel for the BNP's fire. And since the only two people who ranted on about immigration to me during this election were ethnic Indians I think all three main parties need to get their heads out of the sand and move their brains up a gear or two"

When Ken Livingstone was confronted by very angry voters in B&D last week his knee jerk reaction was to ask why they didnt like having 'black neighbours'. The response was 'Its eastern Europeans' and the response was from the community. He then advises voters not to fall for BNP propaganda. Their response was that they could see what was happening to their community. So why dismiss these concerns rather than address them? If it was about propaganda then surely Labour, the consumate spinmeisters, could set them straight.

Anyway congratulations to Gary at his election success:

  • English Conservative

  • But anyway isnt this what was being said last time round?

  • What Was Being Said Last time round!

  • Rather than actually listen, Labour continue to make monumental cock ups all round as has been headline news now for eons. Its this which really gets voters going. The Left also then let the BBC legitimise Nick Griffin via their undercover investigation (publicity) work which for all intents and purposes backfires. Then Hodge, instead of targetting her concerns earlier to the powers that be, does the same and announces it to the insatiable MSM two weeks shy of the elections.

    However imho

  • Calling voters dim is lazy - see the comments

  • And so is glibly talking at them from that same Liberal Ivory Tower - see Class Traitors

  • I met the Conservative councillor i voted for last night quite by accident whilst out for a drink. Bit of a shock. Hours of talking politics later he mentioned that a number of ballots were spoiled by voters writing BNP across them. Especially surprising in this London Ward even if it was only a few. Not the kind of thing an especially 'dim' person might do, I dont think. This extends beyond 'knuckle dragging' 'racists' and angry alienated 'working' classes and the left know this. Its just easier to smear.

    How London looks this weekend. A more confident Blue this time round.


    At Saturday, 06 May, 2006, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...

    As a far away American in need of a civics lesson, what do the people who just got elected DO? How much governmental activity in the UK is local versus national? For example, most of our laws in New York come either from the federal government or the state with little room left for the town, city or county governments.

    At Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

    Local authorities work within the powers set by a nos of central Acts of Parliament. The local councils functions are 'management of' what is required by law. 'Local authorities exercise power within statutory restrictions'. They are obliged to provide a nos of community functions and we pay for them via a tax levied seperately to the tax paid to national government. The main purpose of this tax was to make them more accountable and offload central admin.

    The main link between local authorities and central government in England is the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. However, other departments, such as the Department for Education and Skills, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department of Health and the Home Office, are also concerned with various local government functions.

    They manage
    schools (this is changing tho' directives from national government)
    social services (which i guess includes social housing above)
    waste & recycling
    roads & transport
    leisure & libraries
    street lighting
    trading standards & local business rates
    higher education fees/loans
    police & fire services
    flood protection

    I also have to pay for
    mayor's office & Olympics

    So similar-ish?

    At Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...

    Very similar. Where I live we have a school district within a town, both of which tax (separately) based on real property value. My county also taxes my real property plus a sales tax. The state has another sales tax plus an income tax. This is all the taxes BEFORE we get to the Federal Income Tax. (Of course, things like gasoline, liquor and cigarettes are additionally taxed at many levels.)

    The school district has an elected board which runs the schools (including transporting students) under strict state requirements.
    The town has a board which oversees the police force and fire department, local courts, library, parks and roads; it appoints boards to oversee zoning and planning. (Garbage collection and recycling are privatized here in the suburbs, but public in the city.)
    The county legislature runs most of the social services, some of the roads, the water authority and the sheriff's road patrol; it appoints boards to give tax breaks to business developers.
    New York state is probably the size of most countries, and the legislature is about as screwed up as you can get, outside of Louisiana; it passes all the laws that cover everyday life.
    The Federal Congress is not supposed to override state autonomy, but that has eroded over two centuries.

    At Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

    Thanks Alan, i wasnt too sure how it worked in the US

    At Monday, 08 May, 2006, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...

    Mind you, that was just my state, New York. Chas could tell you about Texas and Troll and Monica could chime in on Pennsylvania, but that still leaves 47 unaccounted for.


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