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Thursday, March 23, 2006

July 7 onlookers think Carnage is "Great!", Freed Kember & his Anti Heros + Free Jack Idema

How likely was it ever going to be that you would read either of the following headlines?

Muslim Peace Activists save Kember…
MCoB successfully Negotiates Hostage Release, Sacranie Elated…

Quite. What irritates me more is that this evenings news is focused on the various groups whose contribution to the actual release of this useful idiot was frankly, minimal or non existent. Somehow I doubt any of them lifted a finger - even towards the phone. So far tonight we’ve had nothing but a smirking Sacranie and co with anecdotes of their ‘efforts’ coupled with the odd ad-lib about the suffering Iraqis - who, lest we forget, face much worse daily than Kember. Of course the irony is that the very people Kember & Co would parade in their anti-peace images would be the very people who waded in risking life and limb to save their backsides. I don’t credit peace activists with a great deal up top. The BBC snapped this young peace activist last weekend at the antiwar demos in London, and paraded her as their beautiful heroine for the weekend. LOL. Shes advertising Mercedes Benz on her well-made-up-for-a-hippy cheek –not CND -(hat tip 'Drinking from Home'). Priceless.

Anyway. The breathtaking bravery of British Special Forces time and again never ceases to cheer me up and i thank the same God Kember praises, that men such as these exist and just get on with it. Men like ex US special forces Jack Idema for example, see Caos Blog right, who wont find any Kembers and fanclub championing their release in the future.

It’s a real relief to learn Idema is okay after two weeks silence on the back of the Afghan prison riots. And todays events demonstrate who we need and why - who saves who at the end of the day (also see Rottweiler Puppy right for latest update). It was the combined efforts of allied forces in apprehending and interrogating Iraqis (with thongs?) that led to the hostage's location.

Walking home tonight I was happy to see the Evening Standard get straight to the point. Sometimes this London paper, actually cheers me up.

As do other papers with comforting images like this one & accompanying headlines (+ scribbles) - headlining the same SAS quickly and bravely apprehending yet more mentalists.

There are also ES accounts of its various vendettas against Ken Livingstone (relating mainly to the famous anti semitic remarks made to its journo) to chuckle over. And occasionally it has hilariously scary “oh my god everyone panic!!!” headlines about topics like bird flu. The classic being weeks ago: “CHICKENS NOT TO BE LOCKED UP” which left me with images of naughty chickens smugly clasping ASBOs.

So I grab a copy of the ES and read the happy events surrounding the ‘text book SAS release’. Then I went on to read about the follow up enquiry into July 7 where passenger witnesses to the harrrowing events were making suggestions about improving Tube communications in the wake of the Islamic Terror that day.

Of course my brief lived fondness for the paper, as with all the MSM, dissipated. Buried at the end of the article, after a sort of ‘intro piece’ or ‘mini msm statement’ towing the multi-culti line (from a victim who doesn’t ‘feel angry’ at the bombers, you understand), was another chap. Scarred for a different but horrific reason:

"Another survivor claimed that 2 mystery passengers had praised the bomber. The man who was injured in the Aldgate bombing that killed 7 people, said two asian men standing by him had looked at the carnage and said “Wow great!”.

“It is something that has stayed with me and haunted me to this day” said the man named as Michael.

It will with me too Michael. The inclusion of the word ‘mystery’ makes Michael seem slightly neurotic of course. But its more than that - this should be a headline. Its not. So im making it one.


At Friday, 24 March, 2006, Anonymous Rastaman said...

Great stuff that those 3 were rescued. Good work all around!

Well, 2 days to go, Alison. I nearly choked reading Peter Risdens incredible backflip of appeasement ...

Muslims are Welcome: No Danish cartoons, please.

This has really saddened me. The whole thing was about the cartoons in the first place, what was he even doing talking to MAC? Which he was....

At Friday, 24 March, 2006, Anonymous Maggie said...

It makes my blood boil when these silly old men are almost feted as heros...What in god's name were they doing in Iraq in the first place...are they stupid..Muslims hate Christians. ES comment re mystery men...they need not have printed that certainly wasn't done to improve race relations! An undercurrent of racial disharmony certainly pervades in UK and the media must know that.


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