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Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Sign of things to come

A muslim group calling itself Global Civility, behind Februarys London demos, has decided to rally next weekend in objection to the March for Free Expression. These are the banners they’ll be bringing along:

Well the March must have ruffled a few feathers lol!

And frankly I really hope they DO bring those gems along as they are doing us all an enormous favour. As Steve over at the excellent Pub Philosopher points out:

"Global Civility is not about civility at all, it is an insidious campaign to persuade western governments to change their laws to protect Islam from scrutiny and criticism. Its unreasonable demands and hysterical opposition to the March for Free Expression show why we need a campaign to protect free speech. If these people are allowed to set the agenda than we will see our right to criticise them slowly whittled away"

These signs of cleverly veiled threats read more like "we are glad suicide bombers who will impose our version of government on you in a second and you WILL apologise and pay for your misbehaviour!!". A smarter way of avoiding incitement to hatred charges (following the late coming arrests) than saying "Europe you will pay Fantastic Four are on their way" but more or less the same thing no?

Its time to put religious and political beliefs to one side and look at this as a one united challenge. After all I don’t agree with the left wing, secularist organizations that are turning up but I agree with their single aim here.

So now, we need turn out.

As one commenter at the March blog puts it:

When they came for the communists, I did not speak out—
After all I was not a communist.
When they came for the socialists, I did not speak out—
After all I was not a socialist.
When they came for the filmmakers, I did not speak out—
After all I was not a filmmaker.
When they came for the cartoonists, I did not speak out—
After all I was not a cartoonist.
Then they came for me—
And there was no one left to speak out...'

I agree with the general gist at least. The March has gained great support and I hope the moderate muslim groups who have lent support to this turn out in force alongside free speech marchers like myself next weekend. Its such a pity that the Tories are so quiet on this - the so called ‘champions of freedoms’. Yeah right.

I understand the Observer are running a piece on the March and its organizers tomorrow, excellent.

And thanks to Islamanazi btw who picked up on Nazanins case below and who goes straight into the links on the right.


At Saturday, 18 March, 2006, Anonymous Rastaman said...

I've been trying to download pics of those signs and kept finding them in "pbt" or some such format that my pc chokes on. Since you have so cleverly snaffled them up I'll just put in a directive blog to this one, for ppl to see. You're quite right, these signs aren't at all subtle and will go a long way toward showing their true intent. Now I just hope they don't read this blog. :)

BTW, thanks for the link! Much appreciated and it helps spread the word. Also, I've been admiring the GI with the cup pic for some time and decided to snatch it. If you'd rather I didn't use it say so and I'll take it back down. My email address is posted on my site.

At Sunday, 19 March, 2006, Blogger Grumpy Troll said...

The Islamic prophet Muhammad, truly the father of civil liberties: he robbed; he brutally killed men and women who criticised him, beheaded Jewish men for standing against him, selling their wives and children into slavery, and he even murdered numerous people who merely wrote poems against him; he had at least thirteen wives during his life, had at least nine wives simultaneously and consummated a marriage to a nine-year-old girl; he had a contemptible opinion of women; ordered the massacre of between 600 and 900 Jews in one night; etc.

My only hope is that we don't see our freedoms erode in order to integrate Muslims into Western societies.

At Sunday, 19 March, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Rasta - i couldnt get them in their entirety as they were designed in powerpoint - so they are missing their group name as it appears underneath. I nicked that GI pic from somewhere but then forgot where so by all means help yourself..

Mine too Grumpy Troll, hence why ill be there next saturday. p.s i liked Sark's style handling those Paris riots - been a while since weve seen the students in action like that, bless em! Notice the best Chirac the French Whine could come up with was 'lets discuss'.

At Sunday, 19 March, 2006, Blogger Wolfie said...

Is that the best slogans they could come up with? I suppose it must be hard for them to defend the indefensible but if they can't do better than that they would have been more noble to stay home and watch the football. To march "against" free-speech? Never thought I'd see the day.

At Sunday, 19 March, 2006, Blogger Hellpig said...

set up a bbq with baby back ribs ,cook them up wind and let them smell the goodness

At Sunday, 19 March, 2006, Anonymous Gloriana said...

Good blog.

So the demo is to be for yellow, brown and black people but red, white and blue ones can stay away. Oh well.


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