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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Im heartily fed up with the blogosphere at the moment. Decent posts spoiled by petty pointless bickering. As usual - for a dose of puerile anti-americanism or a spot of islamic PR for whinging muslims please refer to your mainstream press (with some noteworthy exceptions in the British media). For a dose of rabid europhobia commentary go on-line. Same tactics, same labels, same old same old. Right versus left, left versus right and some outwardly whinging inwardly chuckling religious fanatics in the sidelines exploiting it all very smartly.

For an example of what can be achieved when right and left come together see here.


At Wednesday, 24 January, 2007, Anonymous Steve said...

Alison, you could always just read the post and ignore the comments.

If I took too much notice of what some people wrote on my blog, I'd have given up in dispair by now.

Someone made an interesting comment at the confeence on saturday, about the uselessnes of the political terms 'left' and 'right'. If I can remember it, I'll post it.

At Wednesday, 24 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have blog rage? too!
Hate the lable battles!
I am constantly being called "left" for not agreeing everyone should pick up guns and start shooting?
.... and when did the word liberal become an insult?
I fit into none of those catogories, believe it or not a person can have a seperate opinion and veiw on every topic. not blindly supporting Bush - does not make me un american, and wanting peace does not make me a pasifist. Just like thinking all muslims do not want to kill and destroy us all doesn't mean I'm stupid!
It goes on and on... deeep breaths... end rant....
Thank you for your comments, I like seeing your name there.
Are the women of the world getting angry? I always say if we are to blame for the fall of man, it only seems fair we would get the chance to stand up and redeem them in the end. (haha)
how does "feminist" translate by some into - I don't want / know how, to be a girl?
someone called the princess a nazi?
also, thank you for the links in your own posts. I thought ami's report from the debate was worth reading ...
If the comments following were the cause your frustration .... my question is, how does everything turn into personal insults?
always makes me want to say.. "I know you are but what am I?" :P


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