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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

'Clash of Civilisations' - The Debate on Islam

Informative report at Harrys Place from 'Ami' on Ken Livingstone's "A World Civilisation or a Clash of Civilisations?" debate with Daniel Pipes, amongst others. Usually packed out with uber lefty loons it appears this one had a good bunch of sane people in attendance. She says:

"I disagree with those who say that Ken Livingstone’s A World Civilisation or a Clash of Civilisations was inappropriate as a mayoral event and would commend Jonathan Hoffman's account as an excellent and accurate reflection of the event.London by its nature has concerns which extend beyond the parochial. As an opportunity for gauging and assessing the mood of Londoners towards international phenomena which now impinge willy-nilly on their lives, this was a revelation. Accustomed as I am to the monolithic baying and sloganeering of much of public leftish meetings, I was cheered by the diversity of views of this 3000 to 5000 (estimates vary) strong crowd......." you can read the whole piece and the included link above is useful also.


At Tuesday, 23 January, 2007, Blogger MonicaR said...

Daniel Pipes is great. Very intelligent and knowlegeable about the middle east. Very well spoken - able to drive his points home cleanly. Unafraid. I would love to see him speak live and in person.

At Tuesday, 23 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the GLA site linked to:

"The Mayor of London’s policies are based on the exact opposite idea — that the multicultural city is part of creating a new concept of world civilisation that corresponds to a globalised world."

One world, one civilisation?

Oh dear.


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