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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Soldiers of the 1st Battalion the Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters in the Aybak caves in northern Afghanistan, which date back over a thousand years.

It is in this area where the troops are operating as members of the Afghan Provincial Reconstruction Teams.

An officer from HQ 16 Air Assault Brigade, shows the very eager children of a small village pictures he had just taken of them. Provisional Reconstruction team (PRT) patrol to the south of Lashkar Gar in order to discuss various matters with members of the village.

This image was taken during Operation Herrick IV, the UK's deployment into Helmand Province of Southern Afghanistan.

Operation Herrick IV saw the development of the Helmand Task Force in the province, which saw the cross Governmental Provincial Reconstruction Team set up in Lashkar Gar, to help the Afghan Government build strong governmental institutions, security and create jobs. The Task Force was made up of 3300 troops from the British Military, with the majority being taken from 16 Air Assault Brigade.


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