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Thursday, November 09, 2006


I agree with him though he might not always agree with me.

"Amazing thing democracy. What are Guardian CIF commentators going to do if a Democrat is elected President and all the ills of the world don't disappear when Bush goes back to his ranch?Will their heads implode? Can I watch?"

(Can't wait)

Oh and the accompanying comment:

"Pseudo-leftists will be exposed as the fascist-accomodating runts that they are. It's time to play more hard core, not less. Not that the Dems are that great, even from a British "Blairite" perspective (we'll need to find a new word for that position), but that it will no longer be able to talk of "Amerikkka". What a fucking relief. Finally. Let's shit them up. Should be fairly easy"

Ill resist the temptation to refer to the US as the 'United States of Arabia' in spite of the vitriol the US conservatives have chucked Europe's way for lesser offences (hat tip JOnz):

Hizbollah judge elected in Michigan.

Then there's that dodgy sounding Nation of Islam guy elected as first US muslim congressman ~ Keith Ellison. I don't feel quite so bad about Galloway now.

I see LGF managed to miss the reasonable Figaro article i posted about anti americanism (what, they dont read MH?! lol) and focus on France 'rejoicing'. Presumably to give them somebody else to direct their doom mongering at in an hour of need. Who better than the French after all...(or the UK..or Europe...). Its like saying 'OK, these Democrats - maybe..dey natsogood - but hey look're burning!'


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