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Friday, August 25, 2006


When young muslims set out to kill and maim infidels in the name of their religion, we have to understand their background, understand their anger, take their bigotry on the chin and be reminded over and over again that we are a wonderful 'multi cultural society', getting along so very nicely.

If families react on a plane to what they perceive to be a threat, in the wake of another islamic inspired terror in the skies episode and a general climate of fear, they are immediately condemned as hysterical ignorant racists and an evil bigoted mob. The word of two - that their actions had done nothing to merit such attention guvnor - now carrying more weight than that of a whole plane full of passengers and crew. Just as well we dont have air marshalls really.

You could hear the knives sharpening way before this. Certain elements on the Left have been impatiently waiting for an opportunity to scream racist.

So far they have been disappointed. In light of the hideousness of the events last summer and subsequent scares the British public have shown nothing but patience and tolerance whilst muslim leader after muslim leader blames anyone but themselves and drums home the far more 'important issue' of islamophobia as a way to shut down any legitimate debate, whilst bigoted muslim leaders and fascistic muslim crowds incite murder on Londons streets with little action taken, demo after demo condemns police actions for trying to prevent another atrocity and the spotlight continues to focus less on condemnation of murderous actions and more on excuses - a legitimate result of Blairs foreign policy in Iraq...and then Afghanistan...& Israel.

Equally the British public have not overeacted in any way to travelling on public transport.

"The mere prescence of Asian people on a flight is probably not enough to cause such reactions, since if that was the case then we would be seeing cases like this day in, day out"

The reactions of passengers with families in a situation of heightened security - and just as likely with good reason as not - are being lauded as an example of 'loathesome bigotry' (Sasha Mimic in this weeks Metro, no link).

The hysterical overreaction of the bigot labellers is out of proportion. Its ironic given that this is what they accuse the passengers of. And basically its a form of racism in itself. It will do nothing to reassure the public and it will deepen rifts.

Beware the fury of a patient man.

A young man who attended the infamous gym frequented by the July 7 bombers stated he was very worried by what was going on in the gym but did not wish to talk to anyone for fear of being labelled a racist. Had he spoken out it is unlikely the police would have done anything other than confirmed this for him.


At Friday, 25 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post - similar thoughts 'ere

At Friday, 25 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll repost a comment I made at DSTFW (minus spelling mistakes)

Vast majority of the left (present company excluded) immediately rushed to condmen the passengers as rascist biggots (especially, and predictably, Sunny-is-it-cos-I-is-brown's site). How very annoying. Like you say, they were dicking around.

Imagine a gang of 9 white skinheads with union jacks all over, tatooes etc, going though Tower Hamlets staring people out and talking to each other aggressively and 'dicking about'.

Now, they may or may not be racist. But I think the locals would be forgiven for assuming the worst and getting themsleves and their kids out of the way.

Who's to blame in this situation? The reaction of the locals or the innocent skin-heads who just happen to look like a bunch of racist thugs?

At Friday, 25 August, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Thanks for that link, glad someone else picked up on this also.

"The mere prescence of Asian people on a flight is probably not enough to cause such reactions, since if that was the case then we would be seeing cases like this day in, day out"

Precisely. And British people arent given to mass hysteria.

Good point re perceptions and Lefty tendancies - racism is a cottage industry, lest we all forget.

At Friday, 25 August, 2006, Blogger Sperestillan said...

Excellent post and I'd like to link this if I may.

At Friday, 25 August, 2006, Anonymous lizze said...

This is a good post and it made me think. I had seen the headlines but was busy with other things. I didn't stop and reflected I as I should have.

People have a right to react but the person who took the decision was the pilot, not the families, to remove the suspects. I don't see the pilot being called 'hysterical ignorant racist'. You can be sure that if I am on a plane and I think something looks out of place, I will certainly say something – what other alternative is there?

The Muslim community demands a lot of understanding from the rest of the British society but give little back.

At Sunday, 27 August, 2006, Blogger MonicaR said...

I don't think many of us are going to sit down and shut up like we used to do. That is a good thing.

At Sunday, 27 August, 2006, Blogger MonicaR said...

Oh - and Alison - check your emails girl!

At Friday, 01 September, 2006, Blogger Jo said...

What exactly were the people "reacting" to?

There has been a lot of after-the-event, unfounded nonsense which has been invented to somehow justify a reaction by a planeload of white people to 2 coloured men who were dressed "inappropriately."

You'll excuse me, but when I see the actions of the passengers being defended by those who, in the past have complained about how Muslims dress, how offensive they find the fact that they choose to converse in their own language on a street and how the *indigenous* *British* people should rise up...I think I can make a good call on what motivation and attitudes are involved. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

At Friday, 01 September, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Its a bigot? I love the way you can side step neatly round the issue of those who complain they dont much like our values, our democracy, foreign policy, and insist all co religionists should 'rise up' and murder in the name of 'allah'. I think i can make a good call on the motivations and attitudes there also. Are they 'ducks' or do you have another term for such cuddly put upon misunderstood creatures.

At Friday, 01 September, 2006, Blogger Jo said...

I think it was the presumption that the 2 men on the plane, who were the subject of the post, were in the category you just described, Alison,that could reasonably be described as racist, like it or not. Similarly an anti_irish atttiude say sometime in the 1970s, would equally have been racist and in 99.999999% of cases, completely illfounded. Not liking the word doesnt mean it cannot be fairly applied.

At Saturday, 02 September, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

I think Jonz makes a good point above Jo. I dont think its 'racist' to be scared on a plane in these circumstances. The accusation was they were fooling around with that very aim of fostering a negative perception of themselves for some daft reason. Simple as. Banding about the term bigot and racist here simply fits with a lefty agenda to suggest that Britain is packed to the rafters with white Nazis ...(and excuses the actions of others). If that was the case people would be leaping off planes tubes and buses all the time. A TEACHER from Stockport on that plane says that the two Asian students ordered off a Manchester-bound plane caused the incident by their own foolish behaviour. Hardly sounds like a BNP supporter to me. People can and will be frightened in some situations.

At Sunday, 03 September, 2006, Blogger Jo said...


OK, but as I said to you before those who push the "Lefty agenda" you mention are not people I would have much time for either and I'm not even clear who such people are? Are they not "Aunt Sallies"?

The plane incident was an example of hysteria. Inclination to over-react is often carefully nurtured to fulfil a political end - that end being the end of people like the BNP and others with an overtly racist agenda. Surely you do admit racist politics exists?

When emotions run huigh, there will always be a political manipulator in the wings. A good example here in recent history (from the other end of the political spectrum) was the raw emotion carefully nurtured over the starving to death of the IRA hunger strikers, (1981).

Had it not suited a political end, those men would have been isolated and died sad pointless deaths with no political ramification. As we know, the outcome was somewhat different. I'll run a "NI History 101" sometime for you Londoners! ;)

At Tuesday, 05 September, 2006, Anonymous Maggie said...

Yes Jo racist politics do exist and will exist until 'moderate muslims' step out of the shadows and shout enough is enough. Let's stop killing people in the name of Islam. I watched a programme on- 9/11 last night it was gutwrenching. And what for - who or what cause did it help? If people have to be racially profiled then so be it.. They do not have to live here they chose to do so..they knew it was an alien culture but still chose to come. If people are getting scared and wary of sitting next to people acting strangely then they are entitled to take appropriate action. They want to live and just get on with their lives without fear of some religious fanatic trying to blow them off the planet.

At Tuesday, 05 September, 2006, Blogger Jo said...


Did you see the Peter Taylor programme on Sunday night? I covered it on JOBLOG. The scariest, yet most pathetic figure, was the strangely *girly* Parisian imam who seemed to have a quasi-sexual grip on young men, steering them away from healthier activities with their g'friends etc. We need to understand why and how such people can exercise the influence that they do.


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