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Monday, April 10, 2006

Shamelessly poached from Scott Burgess at Daily Ablution

Just too funny:-

“In what looks like a bid to enter the crowded but rewarding grievance sector, Guardian fashion columnist Hannah Pool takes to the pages of today's G2

It's open season on black women", the headline warns

read Its Open Season on black women

Scott continues:

“The gravity of the current crisis is illustrated by the "tone" of recent press coverage surrounding four specific individuals who've been victimised by this new racexist climate. They are:

• A Big Brother star
• An "educational entrepreneur" given a BBC television programme
• A fabulously wealthy supermodel
• The US Secretary of State

…. coverage of noted victim Condoleezza Rice's visit to the UK rounds out Ms. Pool's review of the "open season on black women". Even though she's "arguably the world's most dangerous woman" (although Ms. Campbell's maid may disagree), Ms. Rice is not immune to a stereotypical attack "as old as colonialism itself".

You see, by poking fun at Ms. Rice and Jack Straw (generally presenting them as a pair of awkward teenagers on a date), the racist press is complicit in "the sexualisation of black women as 'exotic'"”

Oh. Jesus Christ.

Anyhow previously you’d be left either laughing or crying with noone to share it with. Thanks to the blogosphere the Guardian then lets loose its open comments blog section for readers to post, their unmoderated feedback. Whereupon she is comically and mercilessly shot by both sides. A small selection:



“Would the author like some cheese with that whine?”

“To be honest I sometimes worry about the quality of journalism in the Guardian and the best thing about Comment Is Free is that I think it shows just how bad it is really is”

“Oh what rubbish. (As a black woman) I have literally never heard such crap in my life”

“Is this a ****ing joke from Hannah Pool? Are we really supposed to sorry for a rightwing nutcase from America; a pampered, violent model; a sex-craxed reality show freak; and a woman whose child rearing techniques are dubious at best (I bet you that anything Beckles said didn't last for 5 minutes after the cameras stopped filming)....just coz dey is all black?? A lot of black women are stupid idiots...and I would add Hannah Pool to her own list”

“I congratulate Hannah Pool for highlighting the media’s pervasive, systematic stigmatisation of prominent black women; it was high time for a stand to be taken against this entirely imaginary, non-existent phenomenon. Ms Pool’s preoccupations (Big Brother, tabloid hacks, the antics of supermodels) are stultifyingly vulgar and trivial, and her sweeping generalisations embarrassingly bereft of substance. It is a notable achievement to fill a whole page of G2 with such relentlessly fatuous, cack-handedly contrived bilge. The racist bigots of the so-called ‘liberal’ white middle class will no doubt criticise her for all these things, but would that not simply serve to prove Ms Pool’s point? Does Ms Pool not have an equal right to fill the Guardian’s pages with dross, and thereby cause the reader to regret spending her/his 70p?”


At Tuesday, 11 April, 2006, Blogger Tom Tyler said...

Scott is great, isn't he? I read the Ablution almost daily and I'm always entertained and stimulated by the way he rips the Guardian & Independent to shreds and reduces them to bedding for his hamster cage.
Condoleeza would be a great choice for the next US President, in my opinion. Funny how USA liberals just cannot accept that a black woman (a member of not one, but TWO designated victim groups!) can rise to a position of prominence within the USA. "She's a traitor to her sex/class! She ought to stay in the ghetto where she belongs!"

At Tuesday, 11 April, 2006, Blogger "Alice" said...

"She's a traitor to her sex/class! She ought to stay in the ghetto where she belongs!"

Tom, that quote is generally given my black liberal leaders (i.e. the Jesse Jacksons) in the US.

Go figure.

At Tuesday, 11 April, 2006, Blogger Wolfie said...

Being a regular skulker in the Comment is Free blog I spotted this one early but thought it unworthy of commenting; it was more fun to sit back and watch the show. The Guardian has always been a bit potty but could make for an interesting read however its sunk to new lows this last year or three. Why do they hire these miniscule intellects?

At Tuesday, 11 April, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

It was fun to read and yes so is Scott. That comment is free blog should be avoided. Its merely an attempt to steer bloggers back on to the MSM. (I expect skulking is ok!).

It was Scott wot pissed em off like. See? I could write for the Guardian.


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