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Monday, April 03, 2006

Its kind of ironic, hilaaaaarious and I guess to be expected that Stop Islamophobia have posted that toonophobia sign onto their site and then filed it under fascist.

Yeah fascist advocating free speech. YEAAAH fascist izzit! In reality all publicity is good publicity. The overt message from Ayaan Hirshi that ‘everyone is afraid to criticize Islam’ is loud and clear on their site. Splendid. The subtler message and humour I expect are harder to grapple with. I gather Oprah is filed under their fascist section for championing Ayaan Hirshi. Of course the left have ensured the words fascist and racist are a reflex label whipped out and stuck onto anything and everything they can’t deal with. To the extent that they are prepared to champion religious fascism in all its guises. I suppose you can dress it up any way you
like when you have every opportunity. So what have they filed her under? Progressive feminist liberal?


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