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Monday, April 10, 2006

I see Ken Livingstone is living out his fantasy in China. And whilst there he got all over excited and compared what happened in Tianamen Square to the poll tax riots in Trafalgar Square. The Mayor claimed Britain had its own ‘interesting history of protestors clashes’ and that there was a ‘very clear parallel’ citing the poll tax riots and Peterloo. Hmm, so, what because theyre both Squaaares…No you cant really follow that logic if you try. Fleeing activists being machine gunned in the streets in the twentieth century. A present Chinese government that still admires a leader responsible for 70 million deaths. None of this is really comparable to the 11 deaths at Peterloo in 1819 or even quite the same as 70,000 twits bellyaching about the poll tax and smashing up McDonalds in 1990. The poll tax was forced through by an unrelenting Thatcher (take note Villepin) but interestingly enough for all the bleating it was subsequently never actually dropped by Nu Labour and friends. Odd that. The protestors had moved onto trees at that point. And this is pretty much the same tax funding his Olympics fact finding jolly to China.

The Free Tibet campaign were quick to slam him along with other human rights activists “he is a man who claims to stand up for human rights, so it is shocking he can ignore violations like this…no freedom of religion, expression, press or access to information and torture is widespread” (Yael Weisc-Rind of Free Tibet). Well not really since Ken likes to think he can band about any old nonsense under the pretext of being a bit rad and then delude himself that he’s a righteous right-on protestor on a level with protestors in China. With obnoxious remarks to boot. When people protest against his crap buses he remarks that they need to get out more and have more sex. Anyway that’s bypassing the weird irony that free speech is on the way out in Britain and is also so far unremarked upon by Ken. Something actually worth him protesting about. Obviously he’s free to say anything there that’s as idiotic and insensitive as he likes. And he certainly is the gift that keeps on giving in that respect.

Failing miserably at any credible protesting in his youth and being outgunned by Margaret Thatcher, when he does finally get a sniff at power, ever noticed how quickly he then warmed to multi culturalism. You know, the worship of all things simple, basic and backward. That which seeks to subjugate women under the phony pretext of ‘rights’. Basically he’s all for it - another frustrated liberal male who got kicked in the balls and doesn’t want to contend with any more sharp tongued women that might rain on his protest. The ES newspaper, of course, were quick to pick up on the story this morning. Cant think why! No link there. But here’s one:

Shut up Ken


At Monday, 10 April, 2006, Blogger Rastaman said...

Most politicians in this country are attorneys. We have a joke (one of a 1000) about attorneys: What do you call 10,000 attorneys chained together at the bottom of the ocean?

Answer: A good start.

It's so seldom that we get one who actually wants to do what's right for their country. You're lucky in that you have one who is still within the living memory of most of you, Margaret Thatcher.


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