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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

C4 Propaganda

Iranian Women Demonstrate

Thanks to Azamehr's blog and c/o,

"...some interesting video clips have been posted which demonstrate the struggle of women against the religious apartheid in Iran. Ajust and worthy cause which never really got the support of the active feminist groups in the West. I suppose it was not anti-American enough for them to deserve any solidarity actions! The clip below is from the early post-revolution days. Thousands of Iranian women demonstrate against the compulsory veil. Lots of interesting points in the clip. For example, the support shown by some women who themselves are observing the Islamic veil but at the same time, demand freedom of choice on what to wear by women. The solidarity shown by the nurses as the demonstrators pass a hospital. The Iranian men who supported the women and joined their demo. The young school girls, unaware of what is coming their way in the near future, and statements by Leftist intellectuals who were still under a delusion that they could achieve equal rights by taking part in an Islamic revolution which brought the fundamentalists to power. Most of the clip
is self explanatory, shame about the biased partisan commentary and another clip
of their struggle, 27 years later (which is in the post below- A)

How does platforming a fundamentalist extremist opinion at Channel 4 on Christmas Day serve these women who suffer abuse in this country? And when so many women suffer under the veil world wide how can liberals use 'freedom of expression' without the true challenge of debate when so much controversy exists on this garb elsewhere? Ever since i was 17 and read 'Saudi Princess', then read and watched Not without my Daughter I have been opposed to this bullshit mysoginist rubbish shroud. Now there is no escaping it. Some women marry child molesters on death row in the United States. It doesnt make them right! Christ, you can't bury it. Its even a publicity drive for Christmas bloody viewing on Channel Fucking 4.

I have seen appallingly beaten Muslim women forced into the niqab (here on the UK) to keep their wounds hidden......

The young women in niqab who claim they have made the decision without coercion understand nothing about the sacred Islamic texts, struggles for gender equality, history or the unpleasantly sexual symbolism of what they claim is just one more lifestyle choice. ‘Oh I won’t have that green coat, think it is the black shroud for me, suits me better don’t you think?’ Britons who support them are clueless about the silent march of Wahabism. I have been uncomfortable for years about the rapid spread of the hijab too because for Islamicist puritans it is the first staging post on a road map that leads to the burkha, where even the eyes are gauzed over. Some young hijabis say they feel wanton and must go ‘higher’ to theniqab.. So when does this country decide that it does not want citizens using their freedoms to build a satellite Saudi Arabia ....

The Iranian revolution turned that into a cause and the modern re-covering of women voluntary and imposed, took off. In Iran educated women who fail stringent veil tests are imprisoned by their theocratic oppressors. They are branded whores and beaten. It is happening in Iraq, Palestine and Algeria too. Taliban are back in Afghanistan, pushing girls and women back into the home and full burkha. Instead of expressing solidarity with these females, sanctimonious British niqabis are siding with their foes here?


At Wednesday, 06 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video is from 1979 and they are protesting about the islamic revolution's requirement of forced hijab/veil covering. Sad.

At Friday, 08 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world has finally gone quite mad.


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