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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Note there are no "" around the quoted words sorry. The BBC usually likes to employ these for effect.

The BBC would like to make it very clear to peace loving muslims the world over that the Pope is very very sorry, humbled in fact, for suggestng you might want to move away from violence committed in the name of Allah. Clearly from your predictable reaction this is out of the question - and endorsed by the MCB who were quite insistent on an apology also. Actually, so were clear the Pope apologised for the fact you refuse to accept this and invited you to moveinto the 21s century by way of a dialogue. Good to see you rush to take this up.

I'd like to know if muslims are sorry for Darfur which is also in the news at the moment and which took something of a back seat to your sensibilities. Its only genocide of fellow muslims in the name of Islam after all.


At Monday, 18 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points.
Actually it is hard to imagine any horror, such as the rampaging of islamists in London slaughtering the infidel for example, that would result in any condemnation of muslims by the BBC.
Muslims are the ultimate victims of western civilisation in their eyes and as such, any violence must be immediatly excused and blamed on third parties wherever available.


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